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Studying at a college is a very special period of life. It’s the beginning of adulthood when you make decisions that influence your further life. As you are young and active, have no adult life obligations (like kids, loans, career, etc.), it’s a perfect time to become a globetrotter.

Travelling isn’t just fun, when you get amazing memories, unique cultural experience, it’s also a possibility to build self-confidence, to practice foreign languages, and to get experience for further professional development. But traveling isn’t easy for a college student, because it’s a money-consuming activity. Still, according to the saying – if there is a wish, there is a way. And any college student can afford to travel even to the most exotic corners of the world. What are the ways to do this?

  1. Look for exchange programs. Many universities offer such long and short –term programs. The conditions as for accommodation and studying differ, but generally, it’s a very good possibility to get an experience of living abroad. In Europe, many major universities take part in the ERASMUS program , where exchange students will be supported with grants.
  2. You can also teach English (or other languages) at a summer camp or school somewhere abroad. If you are a native speaker, you will be welcomed in many countries.  Usually, you are given help with getting teaching skills. Accommodation and meals are also often provided. Besides, it’s a great opportunity to get a first-hand experience of the life in the country you visit and make a lot of friends.
  3. You can also try some volunteering opportunities. Usually, such activities vary a lot.  You might find a volunteering position at one of the United Nations or other international organization’s offices overseas. Such work can be a great advantage for your future professional career.  You can volunteer at an organization somewhere in Europe or go to an African village to help children in need. But You should remember that volunteering is more about helping people. Besides, the host organization doesn’t usually provide everything necessary for living. But such organizations as the Red Cross and the Peace Corp usually pay their volunteers some money to cover living expenses.
  4. Look for a part-time job at the place where you would like to travel to. In high season many places seek additional employees. You can work part-time as a bartender, a lifeguard, or a hotel maid at an exotic resort and travel locally for the money you earn. Many places at famous tourist destinations hire native speakers as tourist guides. Of course, to apply for such jobs you need to have certain skills and probably job experience.  There are also some special programs offering to cover your living and even traveling costs in exchange for your help at a farm. If you are not afraid of dirty physical work, it’s a great opportunity to see exotic places and get unusual experiences.
  5. Have you ever heard the term “scientific tourism”? Undergraduate and university students can take part in several scientific conferences held in different countries. Host universities or organizations usually cover at least half of the costs.  Besides, such activities can help your further professional career.  You can also look for an internship somewhere abroad.  Doing an internship gives you professional experience, which is also very important for your future career.
  6. If you are a member of a religious organization, you can go on a short–term mission abroad to share your beliefs or to help your church overseas. Such missions are often held in remote places, and that’s why they can be somewhat dangerous.  Some charity organizations also need volunteers to raise money for their needs.
  7. Look for cultural exchange programs. Many countries, India and China, for example, are interested in promoting their culture in the world, and so offer short-term programs for students. Usually, such programs cover all the costs except travel ones.

How to find the travel opportunity that suits you the best?  Probably because many students demonstrate the “do my research papers for me”approach, many colleges, and universities open special offices at their campuses to help their students to find an exchange, internship, and volunteering programs interesting for them.  So, look for such an office at your campus, do your research and travel low cost wherever you want to.