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Going on a holiday is supposed to be an extremely relaxing, invigorating, and fun experience. Whether you choose to go somewhere with a cold climate and ski down snowy mountains (like Switzerland) orwhether you opt for a sunnier location, such as a warm beach in Spain, you presumably want your holiday to be a memorable one. This article aims to give you some helpful and handy tips to ensure that you make the most out of your holiday!

Stay away from your normal routines

If you want to make the best out of your holiday, you must forget your routines. What is meant by this is simply remembering and reminding yourself that you are on holiday. So, you do not need to worry too much about waking up the same time you usually do every day or even going to sleep at bedtime. If you normally wake up at 7am every morning, you do not have to do this when on holiday. Instead, try laying in and spending an extra couple of hours in bed if your body wishes. The key here is to allow yourself to relax! Do not be extremely rigid in terms of sticking to a timetable or your regular routines.

Hire and rent a car

If you want to truly take advantage of your holiday experience, then one of the best things you can do is rent or hire a car. Doing so offers plenty ofbenefits for your holiday. For instance:

  • It can save you money as it can be budget-friendly.
  • It allows you to explore more of a region than you would be able to if you relied solely on public transport or walking (i.e., there are few restrictions on where you can travel).
  • Driving is typically more convenient.
  • You can get to where you need to a lot quicker and safer. So, you can spend more time actually exploring and being at the places you want to visit as opposed to dedicating a lot of time to travelling.

So, if you do not know where to start when thinking of hiring or renting a car for your holiday, Mercury Rent a Car is a great place to look.

Reduce the amount of time you spend online

Another great tip to truly maximise your holiday experience is reducing the time you spend on the internet and your phone. There are many physical risks of spending too much time looking at a screen. Some of these include the fact you could develop an eye strain, a stiff neck, and digital motion sickness. More than that, you want to make sure that you are spending time in the here and now (i.e., in the present). It can be tempting to want to document everything that you are experiencing and want to share it with friends and family. This is not problematic within itself, but if you find that you are spending an excessive amount of time surfing the internet, you risk not fully enjoying the holiday in the present time.