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Jindabyne is one of the most adventurous places that you can visit. There are alpine landscapes and mountains all around. It is one of the most stunning landscapes that you can find in Australia. There, there are some of the tallest mountains.

There are meadows, rivers, and lakes all around. This is one of the fascinating places you can visit for outdoor adventure. You can also opt to tour the nearby vineyard and visit galleries. If you get a chance to visit Australia, this is one of the areas that you should not overlook.

You can enjoy some amazing views from different points within Jindabyne and get experiences that will stick with you for a lifetime. 

Things to do in Jindabyne

1. Skiing and Snowboarding

Skiing and snowboarding are some activities you can enjoy in Jindabyne. If you love winter sports, this is your chance to get a thrilling experience at the various skiing sport in town. While carrying your gear to the area, it is not always necessary.

You can choose to hire all the things that you will need for your stay and your experiences. You can hire your gear in various places while getting some inspiration from the resorts. Self-affordable accessories and snow chains, among other things.

The skiing season sees a lot of activities in the area, and it is a perfect time for a snow escape. By planning, you can enjoy your perfect trip. 

2. Bushwalking and Hiking

Hiking and bushwalking are other activities that attract people to Jindabyne. In this area, you find mt Kosciuszko, the tallest mountain in the country, standing at 2228 meters.

This is one of the main attractions for hikers in the area. You can walk to the summit on foot, which is the only way to access it. This is a place for native wildlife.

This track begins and finishes at charlottes pass, which will take up to 8 hours to complete. However, there is a shorter walk that you can choose that is much easier. 

Jindabyne has many points for serious hikers to join others with the same interests. First, it is a region with lots of hiking trails and bush walks. 

The Perfect Time to Visit Jindabyne 


Jindabyne is where you can enjoy different seasons, including autumn and winter. In winter, it is a delightful time for photography. The skies are brilliant, and a golden blossom has settled on the trees.

After autumn, the weather starts cooling, and winter begins. At this time, it is the perfect chance for boarders and skiers. Racers and campers also have a great chance to enjoy a winter getaway. The alpine ski resorts are the best place to enjoy all the winter thrills.

The trick here is to make bookings and plans in advance. You should also pick the accommodation mode you prefer to avoid inconveniences. 


After the ski season and the snow is gone, it is time for spring and summer sports. This is another delightful time in the area where guests and locals have a great time. You can venture into the mountains or enjoy mountain bike rides.

There are always a lot of activities that you can pick based on what interests you most. If you love hiking and bird watching, this is the best time to get immersed in the activities. The best thing is that you can hire everything you may need for all sorts of outdoor adventures you may want to engage in.

You can take part in kayaking and hiking on the various tracks within the alpine region. The cockatoos, kookaburras, crimson rosellas, and parrots grace the area. 

Best Accommodation Options in Jindabyne

1. Hotels

Banjo Paterson Inn: This is one of the most amazing places you can choose to stay in the area. It is a hotel named after one Australian poet who drew on the topography and characters in the region to come up with some of the most stunning works.

This is one of the most affordable accommodation options that you can choose from. You also have the chance to enjoy self-contained apartments. You can get all sorts of accommodation options within the hotel.

This is one of the places where you can enjoy the different seasons while in Australia. Whether you love the winter or summertime, there is always something to enjoy at the hotel with a casual vibe. 

Lake Jindabyne Hotel/Motel: This hotel is very close to the town and lakeside. Here, you find activities such as table tennis and dart competitions being held regularly. This is a great place for groups and families. You get some of the best meals at the restaurant while enjoying the lake views.

This hotel has a modern style and ample space. It is very close to the snowy mountains. This is your chance to enjoy a simple lifestyle at the lakeside. This is one of the best places to be, especially when water sports are actively happening in the area.

There are different types of rooms that you can choose from, like front rooms. Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel, regardless of whether you are at the bar or the restaurant. 

2. Holiday Accommodation

Snow Escape HolidaysIf you desire a snow escape holiday, this is possible and easy to achieve in Jindabyne. There are sorts of accommodation that can be used for long stays and short says in the area. You can pick the holiday home you feel most appropriate for you while in the area.

It does not matter the budget you are within. It is quite possible if you need a budgeted holiday in the area. You may also opt for rustic cottage experiences, mostly in the hill areas. Regardless of your preference, something can always work out perfectly in Jindabyne. 

3. Lodges

Kookaburra Ski lodge: This ski lodge is homely and comfortable. It has bunk beds and paneled walls. If you want to enjoy your skiing holiday, this is a fun and comfortable way to do it. The fact that it is family-friendly makes it even more thrilling and a good option.

You can bring your entire family here to relax and enjoy a good holiday in the area. It is a modern lodge and centrally heated with air conditioning. You can choose from different rooms, including dorms, ensuites, and doubles. This means you can pick something that is within your budget. Coffee, tea, fridge, and TV are other amenities you enjoy.

Troldhaugen Lodge: This lodge gives a European kind of accommodation. This is a cozy and luxurious place to be and one of the best choices if you want to relax after a long day outdoors. The window and balustrades give the lodge a whole different feel.

It is more like entering a new world. You can enjoy some of the best mountains and lake views. The rooms are modern combined with the most stylish bathrooms. The lounge areas are also well catered for. There is a wide range of amenities and facilities that you can enjoy here. It is important to note that this is an adult-only lodge. 


Jindabyne is one of those areas that should be on everyone’s bucket list. There is much to see and do in the area for guests and locals. If you love a rousing holiday, there is always something for you, regardless of the seasons.

For snow lovers, the winter season is the best to tackle the snowy mountain slopes. However, for the outdoor adventurers, the summer months come with many activities that can be enjoyed.