Top 10 Hiking Tour Organizer Companies in Malaysia

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Malaysia is the embodiment of holidays especially popular for trekking, hiking and mountaineering because of the presence of amazing and beautiful sky-touching mountains. Travel and tourism play a vital part in enriching the economy of Malaysia. The country is blessed with heartwarming places including, wonderful cliffs, golden beaches, snow-covered mountains and a vast variety of flora and fauna. Approximately over 2000 people visit this beautifully enhanced place to witness the incarnation of paradise. The place is aesthetically evolved and presents an alluring picture of Mother Nature. Undoubtedly, the country is full of astonishing places and fascinates a huge number of tourists across the world.

Also, many adventurists visit the place due to the presence of top hiking companies in Malaysia. A huge number of trekking enthusiasts strike on this destination to trail to different aesthetic treks of the country. The place is blessed with luscious greenery and the forests are popularly known as a tropical rain forest. As there are so many wonderful destinations to witness, there are around more than 1000 companies that aim at providing travelers, the best services and cherishing memories lifelong. If you are going on an expedition for the first time, then you must be looking for a good plus affordable tour organizer company to make your trek memorable. So, here in this blog, you can read about the best hiking companies in Malaysia that might help you to plan your holidays systematically. Check out!

Top Ten Malaysian Trek Organizer Company to make your holidays LIT

Have a look at the list of the amazing Malaysian trek organizer companies that could help you to make your holidays exciting plus productive. 

Nomad Adventures

nomad adventures

It is one of the leading outdoor adventurous and certified companies in Malaysia. It focuses on providing great quality services, and a huge range of outdoor activities such as whitewater rafting, caving, and rock climbing and racing. The company also provides safe and comfortable accommodations and allows you to stay in earth camps. This earth camp is a place where the travel guides provide knowledge and information about the environment and culture of the place. This would make your trekking even more interesting and enthusiastic. 

Trafalgar Travel 

Trafalgar Travel

This is a newly emerging company that has established its name in the travel world in a shorter period. The company has covered the traveling scenes across 80 countries. It has fairly conducted around 230 plus exceptional tours and trips to all these countries. One of the major differences between other traveling operators and Trafalgar is that it has introduced 7 exclusive customized styles of traveling. According to this plan, you can customize your traveling plans which make your expedition even more exciting and wonderful.

 Urban Adventures 

Urban Adventures

It is a popular travel operator company which conducts many trekking tours for travelers every year. The company provides the services of hourly trips as well as day-long trips. Some of the main motives include viewing the famous local sites, tasting the amazing delicacies and enjoying the culture and custom of the place. Every tour group has at least 13 members, to avoid unnecessary crowds and congestion. The company is immensely popular as it focuses on standard safety measures. Also, it builds proper connectivity within the country to provide travelers an amazing experience. The team connects approximately more than 800 local guides to help and guide you. 

MIR Adventures 

MIR Adventures

It is a professional travel company in Malaysia. It offers ultimate adventurous activities such as abseiling, trekking, hiking, and rock climbing. The accommodation, foods are properly taken care of to make your traveling experience amazing and memorable. It also focuses on jungle trek which lets you discover amazing flora and fauna. 



This traveling operator company is popularly serving travelers and tourists since 1981. The company has won several awards, and appreciation for providing exhilarating experience to travelers across the world. The company organizes many adventure activities including, trekking expeditions, wildlife safari treks, cycling, mountaineering and many more. The certified and widely acclaimed traveling company has organized more than 600 trips in approximately 130 countries across the world. The company’s main motive is to make traveling an exhilarating experience throughout. 



Amazing itineraries, great services, and astonishing experiences, this is all this company has to offer. The company takes proper care of safety standards and provides comfortable services and delicious food to make your traveling experience enhancing. The company is well-connected to the network of 900+ travel guides in different countries to organize amazing and unique trips. Also, they provide the facility of customizing trips according to the preference of travelers and tourists. 

Tucan Travels 

Tucan Travel

It is one of the first travel and Tour companies in South America. In 1987, Pip Tyler and Liliana Tyler established this company. The company is in the travel industry for 32 years making it one of the highly experienced and trustworthy names in the industry. The company eventually focuses on providing special luxury traveling in an affordable range. 

Kuala Lumpur Tours 

Kuala Lumpur tours

An amazing organization mainly focused on providing great insider experience in Malaysia. The company makes sure you do enjoy your traveling time and so it provides you cheapest tour services. The tour covers a wide range of destinations such as Kuala Lumpur city, Malaysia Forest institute, Cameron Highlands, Malaysian National park, elephant’s sanctuary, Malacca and Fireflies Park. 

G Adventures

G Adventures

Established in the year 1980, this company has enriched and evolved the meaning of traveling across the world. The company is dealing with approximately 15000, clients every year for the last 29 years. G adventures have always focused on the choice, comfort, safety, and preferences of their clients. They organize trips for small groups, large groups on anyone who is a travel freak. 

Cost Saver 


As the name suggests, this traveling operator eventually encourages the idea of traveling at an affordable price. It organizes many holidays on different far-flung destinations of the world. The company provides quality services to build healthy and strong connections with their clients. Also, this traveling company has won 5-Star awards, by the review provider called FEEFO for fulfilling the highest traveling satisfaction. 

It is a great idea to collect information about the place you are planning to visit. All of the aforementioned traveling companies could help you to collect information about the different places in Malaysia.