Top 10 Hiking Tour Organizer Companies in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is a divine land of all things exotic and is also called the teardrop of the Indian Ocean, because well the country is shaped like a teardrop dropping off of India. The country is slowly but gradually becoming a center for a huge amount of tourism. Sri Lanka is famously known for its tea production. The tropical island country is very temperate in its climate, And not too cold in the winters. The tropical flora and fauna are so lush and so green that the place rarely has any major pollution problems.

Did you know that almost 65000+ tourists visit Sri Lanka each year? Especially in holiday times, Sri Lanka becomes a huge country with attractive celebrations. The land of serendipity is also another name for Sri Lanka. In fact, the word serendipity was given to the world by this very country. The word serendipity comes from the word “Serendip” which was a former name of the country. Sri Lanka was a name that was later conceived for this place. Did you know that the literacy rate of the country is the highest in all of South Asia? With a total of 92% literacy rate, Sri Lanka is not as primitive as you may assume it to be. In fact, this is the very first country in the entire world to have a female body as a prime-minister and it wasn’t even the waves of feminism that lead to this decision, it’s almost as if people in Sri Lanka knew better for themselves.

This country is a big part of the Hindu mythology of the Ram-Ravana battle and is sacred to the Hindu populations of both India as well as Sri Lanka. Apart from that Buddhism is a largely followed religion in Sri Lanka. One of the enlightened ones, the great Buddha’s teeth is hosted in a monastery in Kandy. There is even a festival, the festival of the tooth known as the Esala Perahera celebrated in the summer season for this sacred relic.

With so much excitement and serendipity, tourists and trekking enthusiasts flock to Sri Lanka in huge number each year, top hiking companies in Sri Lanka are responsible to host the influx of tourists who come to the country.

So for those of you who would like to plan a trip to this beautiful nation, here are the 10 best hiking companies in Sri Lanka, to book your trips from:

G adventures:

G Adventures

G Adventures is a travel company that gives you an opportunity of a lifetime, to fully explore local, interesting and unusual places in-depth and at great prices. The company is known to support local communities through their travel expeditions and boasts 100% guaranteed departures of all trips. They also ensure adventure travels in all responsibility and safety for their travelers along with offering several styles of traveling to suit the taste of its varied travelers.

Intro Travel:

Intro Travel

Intro travels have made a mark in the travel and tourism industry by being the travel company, with award-winning travel organization skills in Asia as well as Australia. They are a safety-first and a responsible travel company that provides you with fully guided tours from the time you step out of your flights. Professional team leaders are appointed for each trip who guides you and helps you explore as much of the destination along with providing help with your onward journey as well.

On the go tours:

On the Go Tours

On the go tours is a travel company, which has been of service to people wanting to explore many destinations all around the world. They especially focus on travelers who want to explore, have an adventurous time and also learn about the cultural aspects of that destination. They claim to give you authentic cultural experiences at a great value for money.

National Geographic Journeys:

National geographic journeys

Now we know about the national geographic channel and its many episodes on the cultural habitat of people all around the world. With the national geographic journeys, you will find yourself welcomed into a collection of custom-designed tours that allow you more time to travel and to deeply explore the cultural habitats and localities of people in Sri Lanka.

EMH tours and travel group:

EMH tours and travel group

EMH tours and travel group of tourism may not be the ace but is a reliable tour agency that knows the localities of many places specializing in Myanmar (Burma). They offer a good value for money along with in-depth exploration as well as responsible travels.

BH Sri Lanka tours:

BH Sri Lanka tours

This tour and travel company started in the year 2014 and is growing stronger ever since. They are known for the attention to details that they provide to each package, each trip, which people make to Sri Lanka. One will find a specialized group of locals who are totally aware of the ways things work there and they ensure you a safe and authentic exploration in the country.

Panoramic tours and travels:

Panoramic tours and travels

Panoramic tours and travels is a travel company that provides professional as well as personal chauffer traveling experiences, where you get to explore the country in all comfort along with ample amounts of time to explore and know about the local cultures and traditions. People looking for personalized travels, this is the company for you.

Stelaran Holidays (Pvt) Ltd:

Stelaran Holidays (Pvt) ltd

Stelaran Holidays is an independent company that is registered under the ministry of trade and the ministry of tourism in Sri Lanka. They are known for their 100% guaranteed departures along with being authentic while you explore the localities in Sri Lanka. They also provide many kinds of travel packages to suit the needs of its travelers.


This travel company maybe everything you are looking for. They provide free airport pickups and ensure a very friendly treatment to all its travelers so that it makes them feel like they are traveling with an old bunch of friends rather than like a tour agency treatment. They ensure 100% safety and responsible for traveling along with good value for money. They have even won the award for the guide of the year in the year 2016 for their impeccable services.

Intrepid Travels:

Intrepid Travel

This is a certified B Corp. travel company. They boast responsible business as well as travel as being a part of their culture. The tour leaders are 100% local and very professional. They have at least 1000+ successful itineraries in 100 different countries across the globe. They claim to provide an in-depth experience of the local cultures of any destination that their traveler chooses to go to.