trekking tours in Vietnam

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Vietnam offers more than scrumptious food, rich history and tradition. It is less known that there are some good hikes in Vietnam. Hiking in Vietnam includes the entire hiking spectrum that ranges from easy walks through historic villages and on scenic beaches to strenuous, long-distance treks in the jungle.

Vietnam offers good trekking and less stressful walks. The scenery is beautiful including highland valleys, rice paddies and Limestone Mountains. You can hike for half a day or climb the lofty Fansipan, Vietnam’s highest mountain. Northern Vietnam could be your best hiking bet as it has dramatic mountain paths and enthralling minority culture. Other than these, National parks and nature reserves have established trails. 

Here are some top hiking companies in Vietnam that you can connect to if you are planning a hiking trip in Vietnam:

Sapa Sisters Trekking Adventures

sapa sisters trekking adventures

Sapa is home to a thick network of trails. Sapa has some of the most breathtaking scenery of mountains in Vietnam, a landscape of terraced rice paddies and beautiful mountain villages. Sapa sisters are an ethnic minority trekking group that is based in the picturesque northern mountainous highlands of Sapa in Vietnam. It is one of the few Hmong businesses that exist in that region and is completely owned and run by women. It is amongst the trekking tours in Vietnam.

Sapa sisters trekking adventures started in 2009 by six friends for self-sustenance and operate independently of outside assistance. Their idea was to start a trekking company operated by girls with no middle man (tourist operators or hotels).   

Their services include 1-day, 2-days, 3 days or more days of trekking, market tours, homestays or an overnight stay at the guide’s home. Other activities include: cook with your guide, swimming, harvest rice (September to October).  

They do not have fixed itineraries. They give you the freedom to arrange your visit as you want.  You plan your trek with your guide. It is not important to know much about the area, you will get suggestions from your guide. 

Sapa Khai Hmong Treks

Sapa Khai Hmong Treks

The purpose of Sapa Khai Hmong Treks is to provide cultural experiences to travelers who want to explore more than just sitting at their hotels. The treks and homestays help visitors to dive into Sapa’s culture and the Black Hmong tribe of the Lao Chai villages.

​Trek with them to experience the beauty of the majestic Sapa Mountains, traditions of local villages and pretty dresses of the Hmong people.

Their homestay accommodation intensifies the cultural experience of travelers through time spent with the local people, lip smacking local cuisine and the discovery of the traditional crafts.

Indochina Treks Travel

Indochina Treks Travel

Indochina Treks Travel was established in 2010 and is one of the leading tour operators in Indochina. They offer group and private tour packages, cruises and travel services in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. 

It is a private company and is approved by the Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment. It is also approved by the Vietnam Administration of Tourism with International Tour Operator License. They have good relationships with all service suppliers which include major cruise owners throughout Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos and have offices in big cities. This helps us to provide a variety of personalized packages specially designed for small group tours under best rates.

They provide tour and travel packages in many languages as English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Italian and more.

Mr. Linh’s Adventures

Mr. Linh’s Adventures

A reputed travel tour operator in Vietnam, Mr. Linh’s Adventures has been offering its services since the year 2008. From authentic tours to guided discovery to nature tours and more, the company focuses on providing its guests with a unique experience unlike any. 

For those who are searching for hikes that would give them an authentic feel of the real Vietnam, Mr. Linh’s Adventures would be an ideal choice. The company works with the local community aiding them in numerous ways to sustain a good living. 



Indotrek offers a wide range of adventure travel options in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar. This includes biking, trekking, kayaking, sports, nature tours, family adventures or corporate adventure. 

Travelers play an active role in their adventure tours which depends on the type of trip they choose. They might trek to highland waterfalls, bike around the ruins of the ancient time or Kayaking through sea caverns or down the jungle.

Vietnam Adventure Tour


Vietnam Adventure Tours JSC is a travel company in Vietnam. They have served more than 3,800,000 travelers from Australia, France, Germany, Italy, North America, Japan, Korea, Chinese, Hong Kong, Singapore, and other European countries over the past 10 years. 

Their goal is to provide their customers with luxury, unique and authentic services and tours that personify Asia and its culture.

Every tour is personalized according to the needs and comforts of the guests which are detail oriented. 

Ethos – Spirit of the community

ethos - spirit of the community

ETHOS began as an NGO, which provided vocational training to the minority children in Sapa District. It began in 1998 and now, they provide experiential tours for travelers who seek cultural exchanges. Their aim is to provide good community based tourism opportunities that fund a range of social development projects.

The experiences at ETHOS focus strongly around the rich cultural diversity of Northern Vietnam. They provide deeper cultural exchanges and interactions between travelers and the locals. Their management team is made up of Hmong, Red Dao, Vietnamese and British advisers and they encompass the real spirit of community through their work.