Trekking in Malaysia

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Malaysia is a country that is an epitome of a holiday. Tourism and travel is centre to the Malaysian economy and it hides the most beautiful beaches, cliffs, mountains and hills to travel and witness. More than 200000+ tourists visit this paradise country each year. Malaysia is high on aesthetics and home to the lushest and tropical vibe, flora and fauna.

Malaysia not only offers tourist spaces, but it also offers many adventure activity portals all around the country. But a lot of people did not know that. Trekking is a popular activity in this country. Many trekking enthusiasts flock here, to trail on the most aesthetic trails that the country has to offer. And there are trekking trails within Malaysia that offers an immersive experience of the tropical rainforests of the country.

More than 1000+ trekking companies organize the many trekking expeditions in this country, and for new visitors of Malaysia, it may be a little difficult to choose a good trekking company to rely your trekking experience on. So, here are the 10 top trekking companies in Malaysia in no particular order of mention:

Urban adventures

Urban Adventures

Urban adventures is a tour operator that organizes trekking and other adventures for more than 70000 travelers each year. Urban adventures take tourists for both hourly trips as well as day-long trips into the intricate viewing of the place. Interaction with locals, local delicacies, and local sightseeing all is taken care for, under their radar. The tours have a maximum group size of 13 passengers, so as to not overwhelm the destination too much. The tour company is known for its safety standards and impeccable connectivity within the country to give you an immersive experience. They have a connected team of more than 800 local guides.



This is a richly experienced tour operator that has been open since 1981 making it 37 years and running working in the travel industry. They are known to create award-winning and unique travel experiences. They take care of many adventure activities, such as wildlife safaris, trekking expeditions, cycling tours, and many such adventure activities. It is one of the most trusted travel companies in that has organized more than 600 trips in 130 countries. They say that experience is precious, and in the case of exploring, experience is truly precious.

Trafalgar travel

Trafalgar Travel

This is a newly emerging tour operator in the travel scenes. And it has made a successful mark on the travel scenes in more than 80 countries. They are responsible to organize more 230+ exceptional tours in these countries. It is not their style to do economic and congested guided tours, so they have come up with 7 unique travel styles that are customized to your preferences and each style has a unique feature that makes the expedition all the more special.  

Tucan travels

Tucan Travel

This is a tour company that was one of the first tour and travel companies in South America. It was founded by travelers, Pip Tyler, and Liliana Tyler in the year 1987. This makes it 32 years of experience in the travel industry. Along with enriching local travel experiences, Tucan travels, specializes in providing luxury travel experiences for interested travelers. They offer a range of exciting and custom travel itineraries.

Kuala Lumpur tours

Kuala Lumpur tours

Kuala Lumpur tours provide a great insider experience to Malaysia. With organizing the cheapest private tours in the country, they also personalize services for the value of your money. The main attraction that makes people chose Kuala Lumpur travels is that they are the best at providing the cheapest private tours. They take touring trips to Kuala Lumpur city, Cameron highlands, Malaysia national park Taman Negara, Malaysia forest institute, Fireflies Park, elephant’s sanctuary, Malacca and other such important attractions in Malaysia.

G adventures

G Adventures

G Adventures is a travel company that started in the year 1990, started off as a young man’s vision and expanded into global corporation for travel and tourism. It has been 29 years since the company is working in the travel industry and it serves the preferences of more than 150000 clients each year. They offer a great adventure experience, with a zeal for adventure, along with responsible traveling. They organize trips for small groups as well as larger groups providing good quality in their services.



The travel company with a funky name is new to the travel industry and provides amazing experiences so far, they are known for their fun and entertaining itineraries and good quality service on these trips. Bamba is known for responsible traveling and great safety standards exercised on their trips. They are bold with a network of more than 900+ travel guides all over the many countries that they organize trips in. one can choose to customize their trips as and how they please.

Cost saver


This is a travel operator that, as the name suggests works wonders to save costs on your trip. Cost saver organizes tailored holidays to exotic destinations at cheap rates. They do not cut on the quality of their services when they cut on the cost of the entire trip, they simply boast an insider connection within these countries that they organize trips to. In fact, they have won the 5-star awards for the highest travel satisfaction by the review provider FEEFO.

Intrepid travels

Intrepid Travel

Intrepid is again a new competition in the travel scenes of the world, but they take traveling and organizing trips very seriously. They have been on top of the travel game for more than three decades and organize trips and tours in over 160 countries while serving more than 80000 travelers each year.

Exodus travels

Exodus Travels

Exodus travels are passionate about providing the best travel experiences to their clients. They are known to be catering quality services in 171 different countries to 70000+ travelers each year. They are known for their extremely professional team that organizes these trips all over the world and other adventure activities as well.