Trekking companies in Peru

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Peru is home to a section of the world’s largest rainforest, the Amazon. This country in South America has abundant natural diversity; coastlines, mountains, and vast jungles. The Peruvian Andes offer some thrilling variations in landscape that make Peru an ideal destination for trekking. The rich archaeological sites, the world’s deepest canyon- Colca Canyon, and the mesmerizing view of the Sacred Valley in Machu Picchu, make trekking in Peru an adventure for a lifetime.

This country is a paradise for the active traveler, with giant sand dunes, pacific breaks, and chiseled 5000-meter peaks. Experience bike trails, zip-lines, paragliding, and rafting to uplift your experience in this natural heaven. Peru has a rich cultural heritage with several festivals taking place at the same time that will make your experience a truly enriching one.

Inca trail, Huayhuash circuit, Ausangate Trek and Colca Canyon Trek are the top treks available in Peru. It’s important to choose a good trekking company to make the most of your trip to Peru. These trekking companies offer all-inclusive packages so that you don’t have to go through any hassles of organizing your trek. Here are some of the top trekking companies in Peru to choose from for an adventurous and thrilling experience:

Peru Treks and Adventure:

Peru Treks and Adventure

Peru trek specializes in 4-Day Inca trail trek to Machu Picchu. Founded in 2002, the company has a good reputation and positive customer reviews on TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet. The porters that accompany during the trek are very knowledgeable as they belong from the mountains of the same region.

Valencia Travel Cusco:

Valencia Travel Cusco

Valencia Travel Cusco serves travelers of all age groups and takes utmost care of everyone. This is a highly professional trek and tour company organizing multiple treks to challenging destinations like Huchuy Qosqo trail. They have experienced guides and porters to provide you a comfortable experience.

Alpaca Expeditions:

Alpaca Expeditions

The Peruvian owner of this company has been working along the Inca trail since a small age as a guide. The company has recently grown with positive reviews and 4.5-5 star ratings on TripAdvisor.

Evolution Treks Peru:

Evolution Treks Peru

This is the first trekking company that offers the company’s share to its staff. The company was also featured in an article published by National Geographic regarding the use of female porters during trekking trips. This is a recently established company has positive reviews on TripAdvisor making it an excellent choice for trekking in Peru.

Llama Path:

Llama Path

Founded in 2003 by Jose Gongora, the owner had a fair experience as a guide on the Inca trail before starting this company. Porter’s welfare is a priority for this company and has moderate to good reviews on TripAdvisor.

SAS Travel:

SAS Travel

Founded in 1990, this company is one of the most experienced tour operators in Cusco. SAS Travel offers a wide range of treks in Cusco and other parts of Peru. The owner had guided for various Cusco’s tour operators initially and hires highly knowledgeable guides for a top-notch trekking experience. It has a well maintained reputation for providing above average food to its customers.

Sun Gate Tours:

Sun Gate Tours

This Cusco based tour operator company was founded in 2004 by a Peruvian owner. This company offers affordable Inca Trails options with fluctuating prices. The company is reliable and organizes treks for variable group sizes.

Wayki Trek:

Wayki Trek

A group of experienced tour guides founded this company in 1998. A special feature of this company is that they organize treks with a maximum of 8 trekkers per group. Small group size and a big database of experience are the USPs of this company.

Enigma Adventure:

Enigma Adventure

Experience private luxury and personalized treks with Enigma Adventure. Trek in style with exceptional service and relish fine delicacies. The mid-range price is value for money for upscale travel or honeymoon purposes.


This was the first company to operate commercial treks along the Inca trail and today they run treks and tour all over Peru. Founded in 1975, this adventure company adds one extra day than the standard treks for deep exploration and recreational activities like Kayaking and zip-lines. They also offer private group tours with high levels of professionalism and are worthy of the upper mid-range price tags.

Andina Travel:

Andina Travel

Founded by an experienced Cusco native and his North American business partner in 2001, this company runs treks to Inca trail, the Sacred Valley and other famous destinations in Peru. The prices are slightly above average and are very customer-friendly.

United Mice:

United Mice

This company founded in 1987 shares 1% of its profit to a foundation for the welfare of street children in Cusco. They have a strong reputation for adventures sports such as horse riding, rafting and Jungle trips. They provide knowledgeable porters and guides with plenty experience in the field.



Q’ente was founded in 1995, and offers a wide range of alternative routes to Machu Pichu with variable group sizes. The company is primarily an adventure trekking company with customized trekking route options.

Amazonas Explorer:

Amazonas Explorer

This British-owned company is based in Cusco was founded in 1988. They have fair experience in Peru’s high-end trek and tour market. Amazonas Explorer also adds an extra day in Inca trail trek, like Explorandes, for recreation and exploration purposes.

Big Foot:

Big Foot

Big Foot has extensive experience as a tour operator in Cusco region. Founded in 1992, they offer custom made trekking plans apart from their listed activities. Their expert team guides are anthropologists with years of experience in tours and trekking.

Conclusion: These were the top 15 companies operating in Peru as tour and trek operators. You can further research on them to find the company that best suits your budget, destination and the levels of luxury.