Understanding Booking Refund and Cancellation Policy:

For the security related to money, we encourage the guests on our site to review, survey and comprehend the refund policies provided of the host center to form an association as a program host or booking a program with us as a member or participant.

Often, the policies differ depending on the type of event or program.

Deposit Policy:

BookMountainTours offers a safe and secure online payment platform to make bookings for the program.

Cancellation Policy Pertinent:

In terms of cancellation of any event or program listed on the website due to the reasons within the authority of the center or organizer (for instance, the lack of participants) and not due to the condescending force, the guest will get a refund according to return and refund policies of the host.

Guests willing to cancel the reservation for a tour, trek, hiking or backpacking program will be granted refund (but only as per the host refund policy) provided a request is made, by an email to the center of the tour program as well as to us at contact@bookmountaintours.com .

Help & Support

BookMountainTours takes pleasure in connecting with the visitors and wanderlust souls with the listed owners and host of the events, if in case you require any assistance or insight details regarding the event.

In the case, contact us contact@bookmountaintours.com or email us at info@bookmountaintours.com.

Alternately, drop a query text to us through our Contact Us form available on the website.

Depending on the circumstances and situations concerned, it’s at the organizer’s discretion whether to make the refunds or not.