Privacy Policy:

We totally understand that by working with BookMountainTours you’re placing a great deal of trust in us with regards to your personal information. We are fully dedicated to ensuring the privacy of our guest and clients. The privacy policy outlined here is structured considering the allegiance in mind and with the intention of taking the greatest care of the private data. We value your privacy. The visitors to the website may acknowledge the terms that have been set forth in this privacy policy.

What Is Personally Identified Information (PIN):

Personally Identified Information is referred to as PIN and is the data that the website may use for identifying, locating and contacting the person to whom the information pertains. PIN Information consists of name, address, contact details, DOB, credit/debit card details, social security, and other required financial information. Information provided on anonymous premises (not recognizing the person) or detailed gathered concerning the demographics and do not concern a sole individual isn’t considered as the PIN.

Storage of Personal Information and Why?

Only the enlisted guest or users will be requested for providing the snippets of information and required data, including name, valid email id, and password. The website may anytime: save the provided information regarding the package searches, invite a guest to participate in surveys designed for their experiences, knowledge, and encourage the users to review their experience with BookMountainTours and other websites.

Saved search criteria enable them to auto-search without re-entering the information.

Reviews of site experience are valuable for the concerned website. Completing the survey help us to improve our services constantly and enhance the user experience. We update the information of the user on the website as and when received. Guests interested in buying or selling any program (trekking, hiking, and backpacking) on this website is required to unveil additional information like residential address, pin code, personal contact number, and other required data. Guest contact details will be used by us only for contacting them regarding informing about the availability of new products, discount offers, related services, etc., and for informing them about any illegal or unusual activity taking place from their account, or any inappropriate content in the customer’s advertisements.

What Information Will We Collect As An Organization?

BookMountainTours gather information of their members either through direct input of the data or through computer’s IP (Internet Protocol) or our Web Host. Our third party service vendors (including banks, debit/credit card companies) will also receive the personal data collected. The information given to them will not be stored or used by them after the successful completion of the transaction. Note: The information is given out to the third parties. The privacy policy doesn’t cover the data security governed by the Third Party sites.

How Is PIN And Payment Information Stored?

Your PIN is stored in a safe database, and we make all the precautionary steps and pursue industry’s best practices ensuring the protection that your data is not lost, altered, misused, obliterated, disclosed or accessed. The Payment Information provided on our platform is encrypted through the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) at the very time of payment, for the secure transactions.

How Is The PIN Used?

The PIN is used for Website Customization, for offering applicable services to the members and for fulfilling appropriate selling and purchasing product on the website. Guest and Members may receive emails regarding the purchase and sale opportunity. The PIN information may also be used for the purpose of contacting and providing a response to the guest who requested for the information.

Disclosure of the PIN:

We duly understand the significance of securing the personal data provided to us. Your PIN with us will only be disclosed under the certain circumstances in which you have: consented to disclose the information or as per the legal necessities.

Does This Site Use Cookie?

This website uses cookies for the maintenance of individuals’ session, statistical and functional purposes. These are not accessed by any third (outside) person for any reason. Cookies may be used for gathering guests’ preferences and for assisting the safety measures for the protection of the users. The clients can browse the website without enabling the cookies, and however, they may lack much enhancement that the website provides resulting in not-so-great experience.

Updation of the PIN:

Members have the choice to update the existing PIN on the website or to make any correction regarding the data provided, simply by logging into their accounts, where they are offered the option to make the essential changes.

Deletion and Deactivation of the PIN by the Users

Guests and members wishing to delete or deactivate their PIN data from the website can do by contacting the site. Any person who urges to deactivate the account or erase the information from our database will have it done, and the provided information will not be used, transferred or sold in any manner from that very point and time.

Choices to Visitors Regarding Information Use, Collection, and Distribution

Visitors who don't wish to get any spontaneous data from us or our vendors and other sites associated to us can opt from this service by writing to us an email in a way endorsed or using the unsubscribing link.

If Users Need To Send Information to Us

Members are allowed to impart any information with us at their own will. We do everything in our ability to secure your data. There are a few steps that you can follow to guarantee the security of your information and data: make sure to log out after each session, be sure that your passwords are highly unique so your email and data cannot be accessed by others.

If An Event of Privacy Issues Occurs

If you have reasons to believe that any individual or organization has erroneously accessed your PIN or if you have reasons to trust that we have not stayed faithful to our obligation under the policy or any other inquiries and concerns related with privacy at that point please contact us right away. We will endeavor to address any errors on our part and will respond to your queries and concerns with respect to the issue.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy outlined here is in effect at this time. We reserve the right to make a substantial change in the privacy policy over time. The changes will take effect from the day they’re posted on the website. The members and guests will be notified about the change made in privacy policy so that one can be well aware of the new privacy standards.

Terms and Conditions


By becoming a member on our website or making the bookings with us, you are bound to agree to our Terms and Conditions, including the additional terms and conditions available on the site as a hyperlink. These terms of services and conditions apply to each user of the website, including the browsers, clients, centers, merchants, customers and benefactors of the content.

We request to you to deliberately go through the terms and conditions before accessing our website. By using any section of the website, you show consent to the stated terms and conditions. If the users do not agree with the terms of service, at the same point their access to the website may be put to halt. Besides, they will most likely be unable to make any purchasing or bookings from the website.

Any new feature or product added to the website will be subjected to the terms and conditions agreement. Guests can view the current Terms of Services at this page whatever they want. We reserve all the rights to change, update or even replace any section of the terms and condition services from our website. We request you to intermittently check the page for updations. In case your encounter any issue while accessing our services, please notify us.

We Will Be More Than Happy To Serve You In Any Manner.

Terms of Service of Booking the Packages

When a user books a trek, hike or backpacking program at BookMountainTours, we ensure a seat to the customer in the respective program or package on behalf of the authorised host. However, the final decision to offer the requested seat to the customer lies with the center of the selected program-package.

Clients are obliged to follow the rules and regulations of the centers.

General Terms and Conditions

We reserve the rights to deny service to anyone without stating any particular reason.

Please understand that your information (not including credit card details) can be transferred and may involve:

  • Transmission over other networks.
  • Adapting to the specialized technical prerequisites of the connecting devices or networks.
  • Credit Card data is transferred after encryption over the systems.

The users of our website agree not to recreate, sell, copy, exploit any services, terms and conditions, or any contact details on the site.

If you keep using the website after the terms of services has been corrected, you unconditionally show need to consent to the amended terms of use. If in case you wish not to agree to the changed terms, your usage of the platform will be ceased.

Alterations and Change of the Services and Prices
  • We reserve the rights to change or modify the services (including any content) whenever without any prior notice.
  • The cost of the packages is subject to the change.
  • We shall not be liable to you or any third party involved for any alteration, cost change, or any revision done to the site.
Products and Services
  1. Trekking gears are exclusively available on this website. These items are subject to limited quantities and can be returned or exchanged as per the return policy.
  2. We have endeavoured to show as precisely as possible the colors and pictures of our products. However, the actual product may slightly differ in terms of colors and overall appearance than the image displayed.
  3. We reserve the right but are not constrained to restrict the services of any product to one area, region, territory, geography or an individual as per our discretion.
  4. We duly reserve the right to discontinue the sale of any product without any prior notice and as per our will.
  5. We do not guarantee that the purchase of any product, material, services, data, and more acquired from our website will entirely meet up to your expectations.
Use of Platform
  1. In case of using the platform, the users can view the products on offer, can submit requests to a package, can make reservation or can write reviews. A booking to a specific program through the platform abides you with the assertion of the organiser if your request is accepted by the party on authority.
  2. The program and experience offered are subject to organiser’s terms and conditions as well as all the assertions between you and the chosen organiser. BookMountainTours suggests you to go through the terms and conditions carefully by your organisers before you book since they may contain legitimate obligation and it is your duty to adhere to them.
  3. BookMountainTours takes no responsibility of the taken decision by the user on the basis of the content present on the website unless demonstrated in theses terms of services.
  4. Both users and organisers are solely responsible for the right execution of the bookings made. To view, change or cancel the reservation, it would be ideal to refer to your confirmation email, where you will find relevant information.
  5. You are solely responsible for the content i.e. review you upload. Since, you are allowed and free to write and upload content on the site related to your experience without any restrictions, you warrant the information is legitimate and does not encroach upon party’s privacy right, intellectual property right, or any other right in this regard.
  6. You likewise warrant that you shall submit content that does not include an illicit activity, obscene matter, despise discourse, or is violent in any matter.
  7. We don't warrant that your content will be complete and/or persistently accessible on the website.
  8. At last, when using the platform you shall adhere to the following rules:
  • You will not open the platform in a devise that contains virus, worms, malicious software than can modify or damage content, or make the platform inaccessible to the viewers.
  • Deliberately use the software and other procedures either manually or automated to scrape any content from the platform.
  • Reproduce the platform content or apply reverse engineering to it, except if allowed by law.
  • Remove the safety measures or technical constraints of the platform.
Price, Payment, Billing and Account Information

We reserve the right to decline any request and order you place with us. In any occasion that we make a change to or cancel an order/request, we endeavour to inform you through email/billing address/phone number provided at the time of making a request.

We guarantee to give right, complete, and in time purchasing record and data made with us. You consent to update your email address, billing address, or credit card details on a prompt basis so we can complete the transaction. Clients can go through our return policy for details and future assistance.

The use of the site by the customers is free of cost. Organisers charge a fee for their experience over which we have no control and influence. Note: You may liable to pay specific amount to the organiser at the time of making a reservation.

IP Rights
  1. All the Intellectual Property Rights of the platform including trademarks, copyrights, patent rights, plan rights, trade name rights, database rights, neighbouring rights as well as right to know how IP Rights, are claimed and owned by BookMountainTours and its organisers. Nothing in these Terms of Services indicates the exchange of IP rights to you from BookMountainTours. You solely have the privilege to use the website if you demonstrate as per the conditions stated.
  2. By uploading a review, you give us the rights to transfer, royalty-free, worldwide and licensable capacity to recreate the content and to make it accessible on the platform and other sites. You additionally give us the authority to use the content for promotional purposes and other related administrations.
  3. You warrant that you have all the rights to concede permit place down in these terms of use under IP rights section.

BookMountainTours requests for the personal data and required information of the users including name and email address permitting them the access to use the platform. We use personal information in accordance to our Privacy Policy.

So in order to make a request or reservation regarding any stated program on the website, you need to provide personal information to the organiser of the selected event. The organiser then processes the data according to their privacy setting. We shall not be responsible for any damage or alternation to the private information provided by the user during the process by the organiser.

Warranties and Indemnifications
  1. Except the expresses made in the Terms of Services, BookMountainTours make no guarantee of any kind whether written, oral, implied, statutory or of any other kind. BookMountainTours isn’t restricted to any warranty of merchantability or wellness of a specific purpose, quality, safety or accuracy of the stage. Besides, the website does not guarantee any successful travel experience or accomplishment of the skill related to the particular package or chosen organiser.
  2. The conclusion and execution of the reservation including the payment and cancellation of the booking, is the sole responsibility of the user and the organiser. You indemnify BookMountainTours from all the claims presented by you, organiser, and third-party in relation to Reservation with the particular organiser, as well as the payment of such bookings. However, BookMountainTours consents to provide assistance to its users to the best of its abilities in case any issue emerges between you and the organiser.
  3. As mentioned above, BookMountainTours ensures that the users will get a refund of the paid amount if you cancel the bookings with the organiser in congruity with its terms and conditions regarding the reservations.
  4. You guarantee that you will not use the platform:
  • Rather than any arrangement in these Terms of Service;
  • In contrary to any present enactment or guidelines, rules and regulations;
  • To hamper the right of BookMountainTours, organisers and third parties, including but not restricted to IP rights or Privacy rights.
Unlawful Content
  1. BookMountainTours is obliged to remove or block any content on the website that exhibits unlawful content or stop manifestly unlawful conduct after receiving a notification that is exact and substantiated.
  2. We reserve all the rights to not to give a request or block access to the reported content on the sensible grounds of questions and doubts in relation to accuracy, adequate notice, or adjusted interests.
  3. The person who has reported unlawful content indemnifies BookMountainTours from all the claims of the organisers and third parties in relation to the removed or blocked content from the site. The reimbursement incorporates the costs that BookMountainTours endure, could endure, or which we incur about concerning the claims, including however not constrained to the lawful remuneration.
  4. BookMountainTours respects the privacy of individual reporting the unlawful content. All the personal information received by us will be used as per the privacy policy.
Termination of the Terms of Services:
  1. These terms and conditions are effective until and except if terminated by BookMountainTours. You end these terms of services when you stop using the platform.
  2. We may transfer the rights emerging from these terms of services and conditions to the third party and you will notify about the same. The receiver isn't allowed to transfer the rights and obligations derived to the third party without BookMountainTours composed assent.
  3. If in the case at any time any of the provision become invalid, illicit or void as indicated by the enactment, such invalidity won’t affect the validity of the alternate provisions of these terms and conditions and it shall be supplanted with the valid one.