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Trekking in Japan

Japan is a beautiful island country in the Pacific Ocean and conceives sunrise before any other country in the world. This ‘Land of the rising sun’ has 5 main islands that make up the country. The Japanese Alps are a flawless beauty and a treat for the trekkers. Indulge in the warm subtropical weather that makes trekking in Japan a delight. Experience cherry tree blossom period and the oriental shimmer of the sceneries that will leave a permanent imprint in your heart! View the smoldering volcanoes and the majestic Mt. Fuji for an awe-inspiring experience. Japan trekking routes always have something exciting and never-seen-before sights at every turn

Why should you go for trekking in Japan?

Japan is home to the most mysterious and mystical mountain ranges with spectacular volcanic peaks and tranquilizing views. The well-maintained and pitch clean natural trails with breath-taking views make Japan trekking tours an ideal choice. The country has several national parks, lakes, and waterfalls with a rich habitat that provides for scenic trekking trails. The gorgeous Japanese Alps account for a variety of walking holidays in Japan for tourists, be it, families or hikers.

Which are the best treks in Japan?

Shikoku Pilgirmage
This is a famous 1,200 km hike that can take 6-8 weeks! Located in the Shikoku island, this beautiful trek takes you through 88 temples, shrines, and, pagodas along the coastline. Witness mesmerizing architecture and lifestyle of the Buddhist temples settlements and collect ink stamps from all the temples to bind the memories forever. Travel through the four prefectural capital cities and some secluded mountain tops to capture the true Japanese essence.
Nakahechi Trail in Kumano Kodo
Kumano Kodo is a prestigious pilgrimage center, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is one of the most popular treks in Japan. Out of the seven trails available, Nakahechi Trail has a historical significance with hosting emperors. The route takes you through spectacular woodlands and sceneries. This 40 km trek crosses through shrines, hot springs and some exciting and steep trails which add to the thrill.
Kamikochi-Yari_Hotaka circuit
This blissful 34 km trek takes you through the Japanese Alps, cloud-filled valleys and breath-taking cliff views. Summit the 3000 meters tall Mount Yarigatake and Mount Okuhotaka-dake and experience the astonishing view of the sunrise with the ever so colorful nature. This is the most thrilling and the toughest trek in Japan with stunning backdrops.
Nakasendo Trail
This trek starts from Kyoto and ends in the country’s capital, Tokyo. This 530 km is the most popular and one of the best trekking in Japan. Experience a unique view of the Kiso valley from the Torii pass and enjoy a relaxing bath in the hot springs. The trek takes you through ancient forests, panoramic mountainous countryside, and, traditional houses. The trek includes transfer via the world-famous Japanese bullet trains.
Shinetsu Trail
This trek route weaves its course through the Sekida Mountain range and the Satoyama region which is immensely popular for its woodland landscapes. Get acquainted with the rich heritage of the country as you pass through local villages and towns. Rejuvenate at the beech forests and witness the lovely autumn colors. This 80 km trek ends at the summit of Mount Madarao and Mount Amamizu.
Bahso Trail
Witness the alluring Uramini-taki waterfall and the locals singing Basho’s poem. This trek is 2500 km long and can take up to a month to complete. The eye-soothing sceneries and stunning landscapes make wandering around a joy. Visit the Yamadera temple to indulge in breath-taking views of the mountains and valleys around.

When to visit Japan for trekking?

Due to the geographical position and shape of the country, the weather conditions vary depending upon the region. The ideal time to visit Japan is summers, right after the cherry blossom period to avoid the crowd. Temperatures stay between 24-28 degrees Celsius in summers
Tokyo and Honshu region (South-east region)
This region has a slightly humid and subtropical climate. The summers are moderate with a high of 26 degrees Celsius and August being the hottest month. The winters are moderately chilly and can go as low as 5 degrees Celsius. Heavy rainfalls are common in the summers.
Osaka (Central region)
The summer is humid and the winters are mild here in this region. In winter the temperatures rarely go below 7 degrees Celsius. This place experiences monsoon-like weathers and the high can go up to 7 degrees Celsius.
Hokkaido (Northern)
This place experiences harsh and brutal winters with heavy snowfall because of its proximity to the Siberian peninsula. The summers, on the other hand, are very pleasant and wet reaching up to 33 degrees Celsius.
Fukuoka (Southernmost region)
Moving south to Fukuoka, winters are warm here with 10 degrees Celsius as the minimum. August is the hottest month with humidity and maximum temperature of 35 degrees Celsius.

What are the essential items to pack for trekking in Japan?

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Clothes with breathable fabric
  • Waterproof boots, Heavy coat, gloves & scarfs (For winters and Northern regions)
  • Bagpack/Duffle bag
  • Universal power adapter
  • Water bottle
  • Toiletries
  • Packaged food

How to reach Japan for trekking?

Japan is rich in biodiversity as well as modern amenities and travel options. Japan is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, with the most precise and punctual public transportation systems.

The most important International Airports (in order) in Japan are:

  • Narita Airport, Tokyo
  • Kansai Airport, Osaka
  • Haneda Airport, Tokyo and
  • Central Japan Airport, Nagoya

These airports directly link the country with other nations. You can reach Tokyo and contact the trekking agency for pick/drops or you can also experience the world-class bullet train travel in Japan.