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Trekking in Munnar

Scintillating meadows filled with fragrant terraced plantation fields of tea and cardamom make up the characteristic composition of Munnar set in the hills of ‘God’s own land Kerala’. Munnar trekking is the perfect excuse to indulge in the spirit of adventure, bliss, and an eternal relationship with Mother Earth. Whether you are interested in a leisurely hike to a peak though the thickets of shadowy forests of Shola trees or cherish a hike through green veldts more, if you like the fragrant air of cinnamon plantation fields of the terrace or long to taste the amazing Nilgiri first flush that everybody has heard so much of, Munnar trekking packages are surely going to do the perfect justice to your wanderlust. Lovely cascading waterfalls set amidst the green heights make the awesomest destination for some of the treks and creates the perfect frame for candids taken in nature here in Munnar. Also, the hilly forests of Kerala in Eravikulam National Park near Munnar, happens to be rich in biodiversity with a lot in store for wildlife enthusiasts.

Why Should You Go For Munnar Trekking?

  • A chance to explore unspoilt nature in the Nilgiri Hills in Kerala tripping, trekking and camping in Munnar.
  • Encountering endangered fauna like the Nilgiri Tahr, along with Nilgiri Marten, elephants, macaques, gaur, Sambhar deer, golden jackal, and more in the Eravikulam National Park.
  • Idukki Dam-- the highest arch dam in Asia is a landmark on the trails of a Munnar top station trekking, the Kannan Devan Hills trek.
  • Homestays in the rolling slopes of tea plantations, shola forests, velveteen grassland meadows near Munnar.
  • Tea tasting opportunities with the exotic Nilgiri long-leafed variety.
  • Vast arrays of exotic spices are grown on the plantation slopes up here, including pepper, betel nut, and vanilla. Kerala cuisine happens to be a delicacy of the first order and unique, flavorsome species found on the slopes of Munnar are essential ingredients for this culinary delight. Collect them on your treks in Munnar if you are a foodie of culinary enthusiast!
  • Anamudi Peak-- the highest peak of South India falls within the Munnar region, and is all for you to trek!

Which Are the Best Treks In Munnar?

Chokramudi Hill Trek
One of the Munnar top station trekkings, Chokramudi is a cherished hill trek that happens to bring the best of the mesmerizing slopes of the Nilgiris, a marvelous view of the highest peak in the Western Ghats being the Anamudi peak, and vast terraces of tea, coffee, and spice plantations. Located precariously between the narrow gorge between the granite hills of Kuravan and Kurathi, the Idukki dam falls right on the trails of this great Munnar trekking. The other attractions of the landscape include vast shola forests, extensive walks on veldts of soft grass, and the final stretch of a hard, rocky climb.
Idukki Nature Trail
Known as a fantastical forest trek in the midst of cinnamon plantation covered hills, extending onto tea gardens and fields of cardamoms in the misty mountain nooks, Idukki according to any Munnar trekking guide is a must-do. Filled with unconditional serenity, the virgin beauty of the Nilgiri Mountains, and a treat to the senses amidst Kerala’s famous spice trails, Trekking in Idukki is interesting for naturists, honeymooners, and solo lovers alike, also, the challenge level on the trek remains substantially easy!
Chummar Tea Plantations
Tea-tasters, unite! And come away on the Chummar tea plantations trek. Take a stroll through the tea gardens as you leisurely enjoy the rolling grassland meadows and shola forests on the other side of the plantation field to feel absolutely refreshed from inside. There is lots of scopes to interact with the locals and learn more about the plantations.
Kannan Devan Hills Trek
One of the more famous Munnar trekking place, set in the midst of nature abound, tea plantations and the view of the Lakshmi hills range, this trek is harder in terms of challenge and yet worth it. Besides the Rockies, the tea plantation slopes, and the exotic spice fields of Munnar, this trek lists the spectacular Idukki dam- the highest arch dam in Asia among its attractions. The summit of this trek is 1950 m and sweepingly looks over Anamudi and Idukki.
Chithirapuram Hills Trek
An out and out green trek, its trail moving through tea estates, by the spectacular Ramaswamy Dam Waterfall, plantations of pepper, betel nut, guava, vanilla, and other exotic spices, this trek challenges moderately but doesn’t fulfill expectations of shutterbugs and nature lovers alike. If Kodai-Munnar trek is your idea of a culinary spice hunt in India’s South, you would want Chithirapuram Hills Trek on your list.
Lakshmi Hill Trek
A quiet ramble through green meadows, Lakshmi hill trekking is a surreal experience of nature, especially when taken in the monsoons. The challenge level on this trek is easy to moderate, includes a series of ridge walks and ascending rocky highs, alternated perfectly with a hike through grasslands.

What to Pack for Munnar Trek?

  • Large or medium size backpack, and a duffle side bag for extras
  • Water bottle
  • Sun hat
  • Warm cap
  • Base layers
  • Fleece jacket
  • Outer jacket
  • Rain jacket (essential for the monsoon months)
  • Sturdy trekking shoes and a pair of floaters
  • Flashlight
  • Trekking pants, several pairs
  • UV-protection glasses
  • Thermal socks

When to Visit?

Travelers love trekking and camping in Munnar in the months of December to February, when the temperature drops to 10 degree Celsius and the misty hills turn it's romantic best. March to May is also a cherished vacationing time in Munnar though the temperatures would be on the rise. In the June to September windows, rain lashes through the hills, bringing a different flavor of monsoon trekking in the Nilgiris.

How to Reach?

By Air: Cochin International Airport is located 125 km away from Munnar and linked with most major Indian cities. Direct cab service from the airport to Munnar is available.
By Rail: Kochi or Ernakulam is the closest railway stations to Munnar. A junction station, Ernakulam is connected with major Indian cities including Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Mangalore, Kolkata etc. A less connected station - Aluva railway station is located close to Munnar at 120 km.
By Bus: Kerala State Service buses ply between Munnar and other destinations in Kerala and the neighboring states