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Hampta Pass Trek

Climbing out of the resplendent green valleys of Kullu, this trek to the stunning Himalayan high pass is a tour defeat of awesomely transforming vistas. On the other side of the serenity filled green valley’s lie the stark cold deserts of Lahaul. The sweeping change in the landscape and climatic zone catches trekkers off guard and sets the thrill vibes running high! The overhang of the Hampta Pass is like a floating balcony in the sky looking over the lush valley terrains and snow laden peaks beckoning from afar. Despite being a moderate level trek accessible for children as well as moderately fit trekkers, Hampta Pass delivers a wealth of diverse Himalayan experiences. From the barren hills of Lahaul’s cold deserts to the soft green iridescent hues of the valley on the other side, the campsite at Jobra on the edge of the forest to the wildflower peppered grassy veldts of Jwara, the river delta at Balu Ka Ghera, the oasis-like Shea Goru campsite in the midst of the desert, to the untamed flow of the Chandrabhaga, the drama on the Hampta Pass Trek is absolutely compelling!

What Is Hampta Pass Trek?

Hampta Pass located steeply at an altitude of 14,035 ft is recognized as a marvelous crossover trek in the dreamy mountains of Himachal Pradesh. The trek is extraordinary for the vast diversity in topography one finds on the way. From fording mountainous rivers together hand in hand with the team, to staying the night at stunning campsites overlooking falling stars over gleaming snow peaks at Shea Goru, Hampta Pass trek holds a treasure trove of wonderful moments! The green and abundant valley scenes all around when starting from Kullu transforms into stark cold desert of Lahaul as the journey proceeds. The sweeping change in landscape is compellingly dramatic, with every day on this trek seeming to foray into a different wondrous terrain. Walk on this trek through bright forests of pine, maple, and silver birch, camp in wide open meadows under starry skies; find the Dhauladhar Range in all its glory at the golden hour, go skinny dipping in the snowmelt Rani River and revel in the heavenly grandeur of the Himalayas!

Why Should You Go For Hampta Pass Trek?

  • The diverse, many-faceted topography of the Himalayas, with the arid cold desert on one side and the resplendent flowering valley on the other side of the high pass.
  • Moderately challenging steep climb to the Hampta Pass which is as though tailored for beginners. 
  • A lush green campsite at Jwara, sprinkled with wildflowers, where shepherds come to graze their mules and sheep.
  • A deep walk through forests of pine, green maple, and glistening in the dark silver birch before reaching Jobra.
  • Magnificent peak view including a close-quarter glimpse of Mount Deo Tibba upon reaching the plateau near Balu Ka Ghera.
  • Panoramic view of the Dhauladhar Ranges will be extremely enjoyable for naturescape photographers.
  • Awe-inspiring view of the barren mountainside from Chhatru campsite in the cold deserts of Lahaul.
  • Fording numerous brooks upstream that flows on to join the Chandra River.
  • The beautiful Chandratal Lake, alternatively known as the “Moon Lake” is a few hours’ drive from Chhatru- one of the spots trekkers will be camping at. A visit to Chandratal can (70 km) be arranged from here.
  • More of a partly green and partly arid summer trek, the Hampta Pass trek is likely to have snow in patches from Balu Ka Ghera to Shea Goru, and from there on to Chhatru in the early summers- May to June.

How High Is Hampta Pass Trek?

The Hampta Pass trek will take you to the maximum height of 14,035 ft, starting at 9,800 ft at Jobra and descending to 10,898 ft in Chhatru.

When to Visit?

The window from mid-June to mid-October is considered the best time to visit Hampta Pass. During this period, you can find snow at the high stretches, which by August would completely melt down.

How to Reach?

By Air: Airports in Delhi and Chandigarh are the most convenient stops by air to access this trek. By taking n overnight bus from there, you will reach Manali by early next morning.
By Rail: Joginder Nagar railway station is the closest railhead to Manali, however, most people choose to travel Delhi and Chandigarh by rail and boarding Manali-bound buses from Kashmiri Gate ISBT.
By Road: Manali is connected by road with most major towns and cities in Himachal Pradesh, as well as with Delhi and Chandigarh.

Are There Any Shops Available On the Hampta Pass Trek?
You can find shops from food and supplies till Chhatru, though it is better to come equipped from Manali.

How Long does It Take to Complete the Hampta Pass Trek?
The Hampta Pass trek can be completed in five day starting from Manali and ending the trek at Manali.

What to Pack For the Hampta Pass Trek?

  • Large or medium size backpack, and a duffle side bag for extras
  • Water bottle
  • Sun hat
  • Warm cap
  • Base layers
  • Fleece jacket
  • Outer jacket
  • Rain jacket (essential for the monsoon months)
  • Sturdy trekking shoes and a pair of floaters
  • Flashlight
  • Trekking pants, several pairs
  • UV-protection glasses
  • Thermal socks

Is There Any Possibility Of Altitude Sickness?

Altitude sickness is not common on the Hampta Pass trek. However, prior training for fitness is necessary and with medical advice, a course in the altitude sickness inhibiting medicine- diamox, can be taken.

How Busy Is the Hampta Pass Trek?

The Hampta Pass trek is popular among first-timers and seasoned trekkers alike. So, moderate traffic is expected on this trek route all through summers, till before the rains start from August.