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Kumara Parvatha Trek

A weekend getaway to Coorg should sound cliche no more, the amazing trekking trails the region is rich with, is still largely unexplored among casual holidayers. The Western Ghats hills surround the map of Coorg with beautiful lofty summits that at the same time challenges a trekker’s stamina to the core and offers enchanting visuals that make the hardy treks feel worth all the effort. Kumara Parvatha, also known as Pushpagiri is one such trek away from the urban vicissitudes, located at an altitude of 5624 ft. The trek is a tough call, deliciously challenging for those who gets a kick out of pushing one’s physical boundaries. The close proximity and travelling convenience to the Kumara Parvatha trek itinerary should make it irresistible for urbanites settled in Bangalore and the nearby cities. If you are bored out of your mind and mentally exhausted at your deskbound city life existence, this is the trek to take for replenishing the mind, body, and spirit. Note that Pushpagiri is the second highest mountain in the Western Ghats. The trek qualifies as challenging as it is beautiful, especially where the trail winds through the spotless green nature of the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. Ruggedy slopes, valleys painted in greens of many hues, and brooks cutting through the perfect scenery-- this is a trek is filled to the brim with beauty abundant.

What is Kumara Parvatha Trek?

An enjoyable trek extending just 3 days if you leave from Bangalore in the morning on the first, this route steeped in the Western Ghats can be your choicest weekend escape in the depths of nature. After driving off from Bangalore, in the morn, we arrive at Subramanya around 5-6 am the day next, crossing Kukke Subramanya Temple on the way. Post lunch, trekkers ascend to Shesha Parvatha and further on to the summit of Kumara Parvatha. The view from the top is heart winning and many worthy photo-ops coming out of it. Bonfire and music at Bhattara Mane that night after descending from the mountaintop, sharing travel stories and many a laughs by the fire sets a perfect sublime mood. Gorgeous sunrise over the slopes overlooking from Bhattara Mane next morning is another beautiful takeaway from the journey. Ideally, the Kumara Parvatha trek is not beginner-friendly. The terrain is tough and demands a great deal of fitness for the journey to be enjoyable. Prepare well before signing up!

Why Should We Go for Kumara Parvatha Trek?

  • Time away in the luxuriant green and rugged slopes of the Western Ghats, on just a 3 day break from the bustling city life of Bangalore.
  • Kumara Parvatha, popularly also known as Pushpagiri is 5624 ft high, the second highest in the Western Ghats-- regarded quite an accomplishment for mountaineers who summit!
  • Taking a glimpse into the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary known for rare and endangered birdlife. You will be passing by the Mandalpatti peak, Kote betta, and Makkalagudi Betta Mountain located in the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary has been proposed as one of the World Heritage Sites.
  • Witnessing a gorgeous sunrise over the hills from Bhattara Mane homestay.
  • Splendid bonfire night at Bhattara mane on the night of day 1.
  • Exposure to thick deciduous forests and vast meadows that shine green and bright during the post-monsoon period from October to February. The jungle is also home to several species of huge snakes including King Cobra.

How High Is the Kumara Parvatha Trek?

The Kumara Parvatha summit is located at an altitude of 5,600 ft in the heights of the Western Ghat mountain range. The trek has a moderately high trek gradient and includes a continuous ascent throughout.

When to Visit?

Post-monsoon during the window of October to February is a fabulous time to trek this trek. During monsoons when the rain lashes through the Western Ghat slopes, the trek route is closed off and inaccessible.

How to Reach?

By Air: Bangalore Airport is the most conveniently accessible airport for making the Kumara Parvatha Trek. Hired vehicles from the airport to Kukke Subramanya cover a distance of 301.1 km.
By Rail: KSR Bangalore Railway Station is the nearest railhead for conveniently accessing this trek. You can travel by hired vehicles to reach Kukke Subramanya, the base camp of the trek.
By Road: Kukke Subramanya, the base camp of the Kumara Parvatha trek is accessible from Bangalore by rented or private vehicles. The parking lot at the temple can be used for parking.

Are There Any Shops Available on the Kumara Parvatha Trek?
Small shops are found on the way from Kukke Subramanya to the forest office, though our advice remains you conclude all necessary purchases before.

What to Pack for Kumara Parvatha Trek?

  • Large or medium size backpack, and a duffle side bag for extras
  • Water bottle
  • Sun hat
  • Warm cap
  • Base layers
  • Fleece jacket
  • Outer jacket
  • Rain jacket (essential for the monsoon months)
  • Sturdy trekking shoes and a pair of floaters
  • Flashlight
  • Trekking pants, several pairs
  • UV-protection glasses
  • Thermal socks

Is There Any Possibility Of Altitude Sickness?

Western Ghats treks are cleared of the risk of altitude sickness as there is no thinning of the atmosphere with the increasing altitudes and the routes remain more or less within a vegetative cover. However, you are expected to be accurate in your preparation for fitness when coming on this trek.

How Busy Is the Kumara Parvatha Trek?

From October to February, during post-monsoon, the trail remains well-trafficked by adventure tourists coming in the Western Ghats.