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When you travel, you need a place to stay. Many people today are choosing Airbnb instead of traditional hotels because they come with so much more character than many hotels. When you rent an Airbnb, you’re renting something that a home designer has put a serious amount of work into. Plus, they often come with super cool parts of the home.

Here are 10 of the coolest American basements you can rent on Airbnb.

1. Basement Game Room – Salt Lake City, Utah

This whole rental is immensely cool, with 11 bedrooms and six bathrooms, but the fun doesn’t stop on the top level. Instead, the basement game room is clearly the focal point. It offers a foosball table, air hockey, darts, and a gigantic video game display that lets you and your friends play two different games at once.

This game room is definitely something to rent the home for.

2. Garden Basement Apartment – New Orleans, Louisiana

This basement apartment may not seem like much all on its own, but the location is absolutely top-tier. It’s close enough to the French Quarter that you can basically walk to all the tourist attractions of New Orleans, but still come home at night and get a good night’s sleep.

It’s an amazing option for anyone who wants to experience New Orleans.

3. Mid-Century Retro Basement – Omaha, Nebraska

This basement has all the retro design aesthetics that people love with a splash of modern architecture. With exposed brick, bold colors, and mid-century furniture styles, this Airbnb absolutely makes a statement.

Plus, the bedroom area is completely separate, making it a great option for a multiple-person trip.

4. Eclectic Artist Loft Basement – Denver, Colorado

With a raw floor and exposed ceiling, as well as a variety of decorative elements like throw rugs and wall finishes, this basement is definitely an artist’s dream.

It utilizes bold colors that are sure to make you feel inspired on your Denver trip, no matter what that trip is supposed to be for.

5. Historic Wine Cellar Basement Apartment – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This basement is nothing if not incredibly historical. More than 200 years ago, a French winemaker used this basement to store his wine. Today, you get to sleep in the wine cellar instead.

The exposed brickwork is just one of the elements that makes this basement so incredible to be part of. It’s comfy, cozy, and absolutely gorgeous.

6. Basement Lounge – Manhattan, New York

This basement apartment, which the Airbnb renter describes as “hyper chic,” is definitely a bright, exciting basement to be part of. It offers an indoor hammock, a bean bag chair, and other fun decorations, including posters and throw rugs.

Plus, it’s only 10 blocks away from the iconic Central Park, making it the perfect hub for your NYC experience.

7. Two-Bedroom Basement Suite – Washington, D.C.

This basement suite is beneath a D.C. rowhouse, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel packed in with other apartment dwellers. With an open floor plan in the main area and convertible furniture all throughout, you’ll be happy to use this as your resting place in Washington, D.C.

The bed in the second bedroom can even convert between a twin bed and a queen bed.

8. Southern Charm Basement – Greenville, South Carolina

There’s nothing quite like a little dash of Southern charm when you’re visiting South Carolina, and this ground-level suite can bring that Southern charm into your life.

It’s bright and airy, not at all like a basement, and the suite even offers an outdoor kitchen so you can enjoy the weather while cooking up dinner.

9. Basement Fitness Center – Portland, Oregon

This home as a whole is a fitness paradise – it has an outdoor skate ramp and is close to an even larger skate park nearby.

The basement also has an at-home gym, with options for yoga, weightlifting, suspension training, and other ways to keep yourself fit while you’re enjoying this basement’s unique charm.

10. Boho-Style Basement – Washington, D.C.

Modern furniture, recessed lighting, Barcelona cushions, and unique stylistic additions like boho rugs make this basement apartment look super chic and welcoming

You won’t dread coming back to your hotel room if you opt for this basement apartment in Washington, D.C. Plus, the apartment itself is super walkable, offering easy access to many of the best tourist areas in Washington, D.C.


Airbnb has created an empire that’s hard to top. Many people now prefer seeing an actual home when they head back to their hotel for the night rather than trying to navigate a soulless hotel complex. Whether you choose one of these great basements or you’re interested in trying a different unique basement, Airbnb has a lot to offer.

Make sure you take a look at all the cool elements your upcoming Airbnb offers – you want to enjoy as much of your Airbnb as you can before you leave, after all.