7 Killer Whale Facts You Should Know Before Your Next Beach Travel Destination

September 17, 2020

Traveling is one of the best exciting activities most people do during vacation or holidays. It helps you escape your busy world to enjoy your time alone or with your loved ones. When you travel, you may have time to meet new people and discover a different culture. It’s the best time to experience the […]

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Monarch Butterflies

Top 7 Best Places To Visit For Monarch Butterflies Lovers

Danaus plexippus, or commonly known as monarch butterflies, is one of the most well-studied and recognizable butterflies on Earth. They have orange wings that are surrounded by black dots and are tied with black lines. Millions of them migrate from Canada and the United States to Mexico and California for the winter during their seasonal […]

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What Makes A Good Hiking Pack Back

What Makes A Good Hiking Pack Back?

September 16, 2020

Hiking is a delightful activity especially when you set out for it with family and friends. You can choose either far-flung mountainy areas or trails near your home where national parks provide this facility. This activity is pleasurable but requires special preparation before heading out for it. As you have to hike on long trials […]

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The Gear You Should Take on Every Hike

September 3, 2020

Hiking is a timeless activity loved by many as both a chance to connect with nature and to exercise your body. Whether you enjoy casual hikes or longer, more extreme hikes, being prepared is essential not only for the enjoyment of the hike but also for your well-being. Equip yourself with essential hiking gear so […]

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aeroplane safe

Air Travel During a Thunderstorm – Is It Safe?

September 1, 2020

The day of your flight has arrived, and you’re heading to the airport with your boarding pass in hand, and towing the luggage. But, then you see dark clouds overhead, and one of them floating yonder. No matter how technology has evolved, there is no control over mother nature. But, the million-dollar question, is it […]

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