Winter Holiday Destinations

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Rocking in a chair with a blanket on the lap by the fireplace and a hot cup of coco in hand, if you wait for this memory to come alive again, we know how you feel. We eagerly wait for the winter holidays to arrive so we can layer up and let our hair down without breaking a sweat. If it gets chillier, we just get more layers and another steaming cup of hot chocolate and we are set to embrace the romantic beauty of the winters with all our might. There is no reason not to travel to spend the winter holidays at one of the dream Winter Holiday Destinations.

From the snow-capped beauty of the Alps to the gushing sultriness of the tropics, there are top travel destinations that make for the perfect Winter Holiday Destination. So, get ready to put the vacation mode on. 

7 Best Winter Holiday Destinations in the World

Quebec City, Canada

Canada’s charm multiplies during the winter season even though the temperature dips just as much, but there is no denying that the country looks like it is straight out of a holiday card. This is particularly true for the city of Quebec where the days are bright and sparkling while the evenings light up with fun events. Take long walks along the cobblestoned streets and enjoy a hot coffee by the sidewalk. You can explore the Hotel de Glace to spruce up the winter love even more. What makes this place so special is that the entire hotel is made of snow and glass.

Enjoy a few cocktails by the fireplace and melt into the night. 

Lake Tahoe, California (USA)

Time and again, Lake Tahoe finds its mention as the go-to holiday destination for love birds in some of the most romantic movies and sitcoms. And, they are right to do so. The quaint little Alpine destination is still untapped and unmarred by pretentious vibes and delegates a truly magical experience to its guests. And guess what? The place is under 4 hours away from San Francisco.

Book at least a one night stay in one of the wood cabins here and you would want to come back here forever. 

Goa, India

For the love of tropical destinations that become even more gorgeous during the winter season when the humidity goes away to leave trails of fresh air and beachside fun. Goa has it all. This beachside heaven is a globally popular destination for cruise casinos, a happening night life, baroque-style churches, and loads of beachside sports and activities. Coming to Goa opens doorways to all sorts of fun and love, including the love for healthy lifestyle iconized by the various yoga teacher training schools in Goa.

Combine your love for the Goan local life with your passion for yoga with a 200 hour yoga teacher training course in Goa and have the picture-perfect winter vacation that fuels the mind, body, and spirit. 

Bergen, Norway

Experience the Norwegian lifestyle in Christmas special sweaters and get ready to sing Christmas carols on Mount Floyen. Pull out your ski boots and ski upon the famous mountains and ski (Winter Holiday Destinations) of the globe. Take a cruise through the fjords and capture a heavenly glimpse of the winter wonderland. Wander through Bryggen, famous for its fairy-tale-like colorful appearance and capture insta-worthy shots of this quaint and colorful fishing town. Make sure you pack heavy winter clothing and at least two pairs of winter boots. 

The Northern Lights Village, Finland

Soak in the ethereal beauty of the Northern Lights in the land of Santa Claus from the glass igloos while sipping on a cup of hot cocoa. This once in a lifetime experience that magically comes to life during the winter season. Do not miss this for the world if you are enthused by one of the dreamiest nature’s miracles, the Northern Lights. You can also plan a weekend in Rovaniemi, the official home of Santa Claus and spend time amidst the village of Santa Claus. Now, this is a holiday dream come true for many of us, isn’t it?

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Don’t be fooled by the name Iceland. It’s not all ice that you see out here, although this country is known for its more than adventurous ice glaciers and snow mountain formations. Travel to Iceland for the scintillating experience of its geothermal spas that are known to heal skin ailments and provide a completely rejuvenating experience to the mind, body, and spirit. Soak into the hot pools at the Blue Lagoon here that makes you forget that it is a dipping temperature outside.

The Alps, France

There is no right season to experience the magic of the Alps in France, except for the fact that every season is perfect to explore the glory of these Alpine beauties. The Alps are not just about postcard villages and dreamy bed and breakfast stays, it is also a popular destination for indulging in winter special sports such as skiing. And the best part is, the place has a trail for every level of skier. It wont let even an amateur skier get bored. 

Bali, Indonesia

Let the tropical winter vibe of Bali put a spell over you as you travel to the east for a one-of-a-kind winter break to this beachside heaven. Hop onto the Bali swing and take a swing at the most adventurous swing set amidst the lush rainforest of Bali. When you want to relax, dip your toes into the sand with a cocktail by the side or indulge in a yoga and meditation practice at one of the many yoga retreat places in Bali. 

Whether you choose to go to a tropical heaven or a snow-clad Winter Holiday Destinations, all that matters is you cross off at least one destination off that long awaited bucket list of yours. 

Have a fun winter break!

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