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Have you been searching for picturesque destinations where you can get closer to nature? Cycling and walking trips have greatly grown in popularity among fitness buffs owing to the rejuvenating experience they offer. Needless to say, there is nothing more uplifting than exploring scenic paths and spending time outdoors.

Cycling trips give you the golden opportunity to cut off from the hustle and bustle of city life, thus allowing you to reconnect with nature. Moreover, there are websites likes Mickledore can help you plan your travel itinerary with its huge selection of self guided holiday packages. Listed below are the 10 picture perfect destinations for cycling and walking holidays.

1. Speyside Way, Scotland

Opened to the public in 1981, the Speyside Way draws a large number of walking enthusiasts from around the world owing to its beautiful landscape. This path follows several defunct railway lines, scenic hills and barley farmlands, thus offering the perfect mix of scenery. If you love to take delight in the sight of pinewoods and riverside tracks, this destination will not disappoint you at all. This long distance route offers great views of River Spey which is popular for salmon fishing. So, always remember that a cycling holiday to the Scottish Highlands remains incomplete until you explore Speyside Way with your buddies.

2. Herriot Way, Northern England

Herriot Way is regarded as Northern England’s most scenic path by many walking enthusiasts because it guarantees the best views in Yorkshire Dales. The best thing about this circular route is that it is surrounded by delightful villages that boast exceptional scenery and a quiet environment simultaneously. You can also visit Hawes, which is a lively market town comprising shops that sell food, gift items and other essentials to tourists. If you want to boost your energy levels and facilitate a unique sightseeing experience, you should explore the Herriot Way at least once in your life.

3. North Lakes Traverse, Lake District

Deemed a wonderland for fitness loving travellers, North Lakes Traverse regularly witnesses a heavy influx of hikers and nature lovers each year. This trail features charming lake shores and hamlets whose one glance can bring a smile on your face. Moreover, the sight of tranquil woodlands and plunging waterfalls will leave you fascinated. So, ensure you discover North Lakes Traverse with your entire family to indulge in an action-packed cycling adventure that you will never forget.

4. Cleveland Way, Northern England

Popular for its wide variety of flora and fauna, Cleveland Way is a great destination for cyclists of all skill levels. The coastal sections of this path boast remarkable scenery and promise sightings of shags, seagulls, puffins etc. What makes Cleveland Way Stand out from other walking routes is its distinctive landscape. The route offers a visual feast as it takes you through ancient fishing villages and coastal towns buzzing with excitement. All you need is a good cycle, comfortable cycling shoes and accessories, and you’re all set to have a memorable cycling trip!

5. Cumbria Way, Lake District

The Cumbria Way is considered England’s most charming long distance footpath, as it passes through the most spectacular scenery of Lake District. The overall length of this route is 70 miles and it offers splendid views of steep sides valleys, ancient lanes and lakeshore oaths. Holidaymakers with a small budget will fall in love with this destination as it boasts plenty of decent accommodation options at reasonable rates. So, make sure you head to Cumbria Way to enjoy natural views and attain your fitness goals faster.

6. The Thames Path, Southern England

A big favorite among solo travellers of all age groups, the Thames Path features varied forms of wildlife and its rural scenery is just fantastic. This picturesque walking trail boasts a low difficulty level and promises great views of the River Thames which are a treat for the eyes. Since this route is pretty easy to cover, it is apt for walkers and cyclists with little to no experience. Thus, a walking holiday to the Thames Path will ensure that you return home with wonderful memories.

7. Pembrokeshire Coast Path, Wales

Boasting an abundance of wildlife, the Pembrokeshire Coast Path is mostly visited by experienced walkers and cyclists who love to discover difficult routes. The atmosphere of this long distance walking path is pretty laid back and the surrounding landscape is picturesque enough to enthrall your senses. Moreover, this 186-mile long trail covers some of the most wonderful coastal scenery that Britain has to offer.

8. Fife Coastal Path, Scotland

If you want to break away from tight schedules and restore balance in your life, you should consider embarking on a walking holiday to the Fife Coastal Path. Featuring several places of historic interest, this Scottish walking trail was created in the year 2002 and it has been attracting holidaymakers from across the globe ever since. If you experience fatigue after covering some distance, there are plenty of seaside beaches nearby where you can relax and revel in nature’s magnificence.

9. Westmorland Way, Lake District

Renowned for its tranquil atmosphere, the Westmorland Way is a long distance path and boasts a highly picturesque landscape. The path boasts scenic river valleys and open fells, the sight of which can fill anyone with delight in a flash. Here, you will get to discover Ullswater, the region’s second largest lake which is surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Also, the nearby villages are bustling with activity and you can visit them for feasting on local delicacies that will pep up your taste buds. The best part is that the Westmorland Way is a low level route and ideal for both cycling enthusiasts and walkers alike.

10. Cotswold Round, Southern England

Cotswold Round is frequented by a lot of cyclists who come here to appreciate the sight of lush meadows and wildflowers which dot the landscape. This beautiful circuit is famous among tourists because it offers some of the finest views of closely situated towns and villages. Although there are many picturesque routes in Southern England, Cotswold Round has a charm of its own owing to its serene country lanes. Therefore, a walking holiday to this destination will give you the chance to bask in the beauty of ravishing hills and pristine rivers that you will discover during your trip.

Whether you are a beginner walker or a professional cyclist, the aforementioned destinations are sure to enthrall you. Moreover scientific studies have shown that outdoor activities like walking and cycling can accelerate the production of feel-good-hormones and reduce overall stress. So, how about planning one of these cycling and walking tours to get away from the humdrum of daily life!