Comfortable Outdoor Shoes

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Spending time outdoors is important for both your mental and physical health. There are so many activities to do in the great outdoors. There is also an absurd amount of shoes for each activity.

Apparently, you need a separate shoe for running than you need for hiking or taking a walk. There may not be the perfect shoe for every single activity, but there are ways to find a shoe that does exactly what you need. Especially with the increased interest in finding comfortable specialized shoes and athletic sandals from viakix.

We have compiled a few good ways to find the right outdoor shoe for exactly what you need. Whether you need something to carry you up mountains or across the concrete jungle. Here are five tips and tricks for finding comfortable outdoor shoes.

Focus on Your Activities

If you live in a relatively flat place and go on a lot of runs, hiking boots probably aren’t what you are looking for. You do not need a waterproof shoe with extra toe grip if you live in the desert. Make sure the shoe you are buying is right for what you intend to use it for.

Mountain bikers require an entirely different shoe than mountain climbers. Someone who just really loves walking around botanical gardens probably doesn’t need to buy a heavy-duty running shoe. Buying the wrong shoe for your needs can easily get expensive and end up causing you problems.

Getting the wrong shoe could lead to a very bad day. A hiking shoe is really going to hurt the foot of someone running across flat ground. You might think it is hard to mistake the two shoes, but some of them look very similar. Make sure you are buying the correct shoe for what you intend to use it for.

Check the Support

If you have weak arches and an achy back, make sure your shoe has arch support. A shoe that does not support you the way you require is not the right shoe for you. You will regret a bad shoe very quickly.

An outdoor shoe gets a lot of heavy use. You are more than likely intending to wear these shoes for long periods of time, doing difficult activities. That is not the time you want a sore foot and an aching back. Every feature of a shoe is important in your purchase.

A person planning on hiking long distances needs ankle support. Someone going on lots of runs needs great tread and arch support. Try on as many shoes as you want to and make sure to do some research before buying. Find out what you need in a shoe and do not settle for anything less.


It is possible you are not willing to spend any price to get the best shoe. That makes sense. There are plenty of great shoes that are not going to break the bank.

Once you find the right kind of shoe for you, it is time to price shop. Most stores are going to have a shoe that is similar to what you need. If not exactly what you need. The only differences are going to be design and the quality of materials.

Outdoor shoes wear out quickly. Not wanting to spend an absurd amount on something you will need to replace in a few months makes sense. If you are willing to give up a bit of quality for good pricing you will still find plenty of shoes that meet your needs.

Consider Sandals

Apart from outdoor sandals being in style, they are also a good option for an all-around outdoor shoe. A lot of people do not even consider a sandal for strenuous activity. If you are planning an intense hiking trip, or to carry a heavy backpack for a long way sandals may not be ideal. For just about everything else a sandal works as well as a typical outdoor shoe.

Sandals can offer excellent arch support as well as ankle support. They also allow your foot a bit more air which can prevent the smell that is often associated with outdoor shoes. Not to mention they are incredibly easy to adjust to exactly the size you need.

There are some activities sandals are not ideal for. You should make sure you know what a sandal can and cannot handle before you purchase one or go and do activities wearing them. Sandals are also an excellent shoe that fits perfectly and can take you almost anywhere you need to go.

Wear Them

Buying shoes online is absolutely more convenient than going into a store. It also might be a great way to return a bunch of shoes. The truth is there is not really a way to know how a non-adjustable shoe is going to fit you without trying it on.

A shoe can meet all of your standards and needs on paper, and then not feel quite right in practice. The sides may squeeze, the arch support might be too intense or weak, the tread may be less intense than comments and advertisements had you believe. There is no way for you to know how a shoe will feel on your foot by looking at a picture of it.

Go into a store and walk around in the shoes you are considering for a little while. Make sure you notice anything that might become uncomfortable if you wear the shoe for long enough. If a shoe does not fit you just right it is not worth the money.


There is no time for settling in the pursuit of great outdoor shoes. You are buying outdoor shoes to meet a need, and you need to buy shoes you are positive can meet that need. Buying the first nice-looking outdoor shoe you see is not what is best for your feet and back.

The wrong shoe can have lasting repercussions on how your back feels. Check arch support and what the shoe is built for before you buy. A great shoe is not always the most expensive shoe.

If you remember those things and go into shoe-shopping armed with the research you are much more likely to come out with the shoe you need.  Running or hiking on sore feet is not fun or good for you. So do some research, and get back outside.