6 Tips To Prepare For A Hike When You're On Vacation

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Hiking is a great way to get some physical exercise, and it is an excellent way to explore the great outdoors on your vacation. Hiking allows you to explore places where roads can’t reach. It enables you to leave your work and stress behind, and intimately reconnect with nature.

If you haven’t been on a hike before, you might be a little concerned. It’s normal to feel intimidated by hiking since it can be difficult. You might be worried that you’re not in shape for a hike or might get lost in the wilderness and won’t be able to get back.

However, rest assured that there is a hike for everyone. With the preparation tips I am going to tell you in this post, you will be able to make the most of your hiking expedition without any significant hiccups. Therefore, if your friends plan to go on a hike and don’t know how to prepare, check out the rest of the post to learn some fantastic hiking preparation tips.

6 Tips To Prepare For A Hike When You’re On Vacation

Choose The Right Trail:

The first and most important thing to do when preparing for a road trip is to select the right trail. As I said before, there is a hiking trail for everyone out there; therefore, find one that is easy, and small if you are a beginner. Ensure that the trail isn’t too steep, and the terrain isn’t too tricky to navigate.

Furthermore, make sure that you stay on the designated track, especially if you aren’t a seasoned hiker. Going off track can result in you getting lost. However, keep in mind that small and easy hiking trails are usually more crowded.

If you have been on your fair share of hikes and are confident in your cardio and outdoor skills, choose a more adventurous and challenging trail. These trails are usually not crowded, and they are perfect for a mentally relaxing hike.

You aren’t going to find the perfect hiking trail by driving around and looking for it, though there is nothing wrong with being spontaneous, you should search online for the hiking trails near your vacation destination. You will also be able to find out the difficulty of the trail and how long it typically takes to complete it.

Pack Your Kit Properly:


If you are planning a short hike, that will only take a few hours; then, there isn’t too much packing required, however for longer hiking expeditions, you need to have everything you could need in your kit.

Furthermore, it is essential to keep the kit as light as possible; after all, you will have to carry it on your back while hiking. Here is a quick list of some of the essential items you need to pack when preparing for a hiking trip.

  • A map, compass or GPS device
  • First aid kit
  • A multi-purpose tool, or camping knife
  • Sunscreen or rain protection depending on the weather
  • Essential survival gear like a flashlight, and fire starter
  • An adequate amount of water and food
  • Camping gear for a long trip

Though it is not entirely essential, you should also bring a pair of binoculars or a spotting scope to your next hiking trip, this will help you observe the natural sceneries around you, and you can also use them for birdwatching. If you aren’t able to set the focus, here are some quick ways to fix a blurry scope

Wear The Right Outfit:

Your clothes will have a significant impact on whether you are going to enjoy your hiking experience. For instance, if you wear the wrong shoes, walking can be difficult and lead to sore feet and blisters. Furthermore, heavy pants can be uncomfortable when you have to walk a lot, but shorts don’t work either because they don’t protect against skin-irritating insects and plants.

Therefore, the right hiking outfit may vary depending on the time, terrain, and hike’s length. And of course, the weather is also a factor to be considered.

  • Here are some dressing tips for your hiking trip:
  • Lace-up your boots tightly to prevent blisters and sprains.
  • Wear comfortable and tall wool socks to protect against insects
  • Dress in layers, make sure to cover the body to avoid insect bites and irritating plants.
  • Wear a hat
  • Wear lighter color clothes, which will help you see bugs more easily and improve your hiking buddies spot you quickly if you get lost

Eat Before You Leave For The Hike:

Before you embark on your hike, it is essential to eat some food to have enough energy. Your body needs fuel if you are going to engage in any physical activity. According to experts, you should eat at least 20 to 30 minutes before exercising or any other physical activity.

Your pre-hike meal should have healthy carbohydrates. Though most people associate protein with exercise, it can take longer to digest, therefore, it makes for a better post-exercise meal.

Bring Adequate Water And Snacks Along:

When you are hiking, it is essential to stay properly hydrated; furthermore, you should also have snacks while you are hiking so that you don’t feel sluggish and tired. Therefore, everyone on the hike should have their water bottles, and you should also bring some light snacks like trail mix, nuts, or baby carrots.

You can also bring some granola bars or protein bars on your hike.

Tell Someone About Your Hiking Trip:

Before you leave on your hiking trip, you should make sure that someone else knows your plans. You should tell someone where you are going, and when you are going back, if you get lost in the woods, someone will know that you are missing and they will call the authorities.

Even if you aren’t hiking alone, it is better to tell someone about your plans. You can also post photos of your hike on your social media so that your friends know where you are.

Final Thoughts:

Hiking is a very fun and exciting activity. It gets you outdoors, and it is a great way to experience the natural beauty of your vacation destination. If you were worried about preparing for your hiking plans, I hope you found this post helpful and informative.