9 Foolproof Ways to Rent a Cheap RV

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The first thing to add to your budget for a road trip is usually the cost of RV rental. This is because it covers a higher percentage of your total expenses for the adventure. In most cases, the cost is usually too high to consider. For instance, if you’re planning a family trip, you’ll need a large motorhome estimated at $125-$250 per night. So, if your trip will last many days, you’ll spend above $1000 for RV rentals. Unfortunately, this figure sometimes discourages many people and causes them to postpone their trips for another time.

But what if you can rent that family-sized trailer you need without breaking the bank? That’s right! There are many ways to rent a cheap RV and save some money for other important things you need to do. In this article, we’ll be discussing the top 9 to assist you. So, keep reading and find a suitable way for your plans.

How to Rent a Cheap RV

1.    Go for a compact RV

The smaller RVs cost less to rent than the larger motorhomes. So if your budget is not high for those gigantic homes, rent a smaller one. Even if you’re planning the trip with the kids, you can creatively maximize the available space than canceling the entire plan. Besides, renting a small RV can be beneficial too. You can park it anywhere without restrictions.

2.    Borrow an RV from your close pals

Another way to use an RV cheaper is by lending from someone you know. Some people plan these trips many times a year and won’t spend so much on rent. So, they buy a camper for themselves. If you’re lucky to find someone like that amongst your acquaintances, then your trip is settled. But make sure that the camper will be intact when you return it. Also, if there’s damage to it, fix it for the owner.

3.    Target a company’s seasonal freebies

If you’re not financially prepared for the full rental cost of an RV, wait for the off-season discounts and other freebies. Many companies offer such gifts to their customers at a particular time of the year. So, your local rentals can be a source of cheap RV for your adventure. Simply plan your road trip during those times to get the camper at discounted prices.

4.    Rent from a local owner 

The difference between your pals and this individual is that you won’t pay your friends or family, but you will pay the local owner.  Moreover, there are usually some discounts from the owners, and they might even bring it to your location. So, check around your area for any RV owner who might rent it out at a price. These offers are far cheaper than what the rental companies will offer you.

5.    Consider peer-to-peer car-sharing offers.

This model works in many cities across the world, and given the availability of the internet, many car owners now offer short-term renting services. In addition, some individuals advertise their RVs on P2P car renting platforms. If you know about Airbnb for cheap and temporary accommodations, then you might have heard of Outdoorsy and RVShare too.  These sites are where you can rent these campers and other vehicles at affordable rates. The best part is that you will find many options to weigh and choose.

6.    Search for relocation deals

Another opportunity you might find is to move an RV for a company and utilize the opportunity for your road trip. The amazing thing is that these offers are cheap and sometimes free. Moreover, you can use a high-end RV that you ordinarily can’t find as a rental vehicle. So, search for such opportunities online, and if you’re in the US, visit Transfercar or Cruise America for such deals.

7.    Try renting from RVnGO.

This is a great place to rent RVs, just like El Monte RV or RVShare. However, the site offers affordable rates and doesn’t charge usage or transaction fees to both the hosts and guests. So, you won’t be paying any hidden charges. Also, the campers are fully insured, and renters can find any kind of RVs they want.

8.    Rent a tow-behind camper

If you have an SUV or a truck capable of towing a camper, by all means, go for it. This is a cheaper alternative to renting a full motorhome and offers several benefits, such as using your car for short trips around the camping area. Many of the P2P rental services also offer these tow-behind campers, travel trailers, and popups. Check them out.

9.    Search for RV renting ads

Many people around you might place ads in the local newspaper inviting people to rent their RVs. So, don’t just rely on the internet alone for your search. You might get a good offer from the owners who might be desperate for quick cash.


If you’re searching for foolproof ways to rent a cheap RV for your road trip, consider the ones we’ve shared above. You don’t need to break the bank for your upcoming adventure. Search the web, check the local ads in a newspaper, ask your pals, or rent from an individual around you.