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Several people want to be one with nature through camping. People through ages– whether children, adults, and even older adults still plan their camping. Some of them love to do it monthly or yearly, depending on the season and their availability. Some go with their friends or family for camping, and some prefer an ‘alone time’ with nature.

Camping is one of the most look-forward getaways for most people. It is one of the many activities that bring family and friends closer together and help one de-stress from the chaotic, constantly changing world.

 Moreover, there are a lot of benefits you will get from camping! It relieves stress, helps form a bond with the people you camp with, strengthens relationships, and makes you appreciate nature more. With camping, you can choose how you enjoy your stay at that specific site, whatever is conducive and available to your liking. You may swing on a hammock, build a tent or use a sleeping bag, whatever that fits your taste!

One of the advantages of camping is having the utmost freedom to do anything feasible at the chosen campsite. There are a lot of activities you can do during camping to make it more fun and exciting. These activities would depend on what the participants would likely enjoy and favor.

Exciting Adventures and Activities You Can Enjoy

1.     Connect Nature

One of the primary reasons why people prefer and enjoy camping is because of nature. You enjoy nature most when you camp. In camping, one can see nature from a clearer view and would be able to live with nature even for a few days.

 Seeing the night sky that is brighter away from the city lights, appreciating the sound of nature – the howl of the wind, the flow of the river, coo of animals, these are some of the things that can be experienced with nature in camping. 

2.    Enjoying the outdoors

What’s more to do during camping than to enjoy the outdoors, right? May it be daytime or night, there are lots of activities that can be conducted while outdoors during camping.

During the broad daylight, others who are adventurous may enjoy nature gathering like collecting pine cones, rocks, or flowers, searching for wild berries, nuts or edible plants, animal or bird watching, fishing, or some might enjoy fossil hunting or commence a scavenger hunt.

Some of the competitive types could go for outdoor games and such. Others would enjoy playing games like hide and seek, soccer, capture the flag, treasure hunts, and many more.

During the nighttime, people build campfires and gather around the fire to share stories, play instruments like the ukulele or guitar, sing campfire songs and jam along with the family members or friends, or enjoy a s’more kind of night.

Some would also prefer to enjoy a night walk, would go for a midnight dip, or, if feasible, would release sky lanterns with wishes and hopeful ambitions written on the lanterns.

3.    Indoor Activities

As the sun sets, it does not mean to call it a day in camping. Even a person who is hyped up with camping also needs a ‘down time’. That is, to enjoy the comfort of the tents.

Going camping with family members or friends, board games, and card games would boost the fun. If one is talented with arts and crafts like sewing, knitting, or drawing can be a productive activity during camping. Exchanging stories and experiences could be a great option too, which helps strengthen family or friendship bonds and connections.

4.    Relaxing

One of the most sought out benefits of camping is the chance to relax and have that quiet time to relieve the stress from busy city life. 

With camping, one can have all the naps and doze off and get that overdue rest one owes to its body. Also, swinging by the hammock and just daydreaming or simply admiring nature, watching the trees sway with the wind can give lots of de-stressing.

But before going on a camping trip, it is essential to consider a lot of things to avoid significant problems along the way and to ensure as much as possible a smooth sailing journey.

What Are The Things You Should Consider?

1.        Campmates

It is essential to give careful thought to who will join the trip to plan out the activities and provide the necessary considerations and adjustments to everyone.

2.      Sustenance

Whether it is a two-day trip or a week-long one, it is essential to be ready and plan out the foods to be munched and enjoyed during the trip. People can bring frozen products and just cook them on the trip, and others prefer to hunt or fish for their lunch or dinner. Either way, it is better to gear up if necessary.

3.       Safety

Given the location of the trip, safety should be their utmost consideration. People should pack with them their first aid kits, creams, and other personal medications.

4.       Keeping it clean 

Proper personal hygiene should not be neglected while on the trip. Soaps, toilet papers, wipes, and other personal necessities should be packed. 

Of course, used clothes and underwear should be clean and fresh. But given the location of the trip, it may be hard to do one’s laundry. So, one should consider whether to wash by hand or bring a portable washer (if any) for convenience. Or before the trip, one can look over the internet on where one could avail a laundry service near the campsite.

Another option is to search the internet for tips from a laundry expert on how to maintain fresh clothing during and after the trip.

There are a lot of ways people choose to spend their camping. It depends on the place they choose to, the feasibility of the resources, and most importantly, who one goes with.

But what is essential is that one can take time off from the hustle-bustle of city life.