How to use a Walking Stick for Hiking

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Tourists travel the world in search of beauty, joy, to feel accomplished, to break boundaries or just to have a good time by either going solo or in groups. Hiking is one such activity which gives you confidence, a goal to look up to, and a new gained inner-strength. Hikers come out with a changed attitude when they finish their treacherous treks like that of Everest Base Camp trek.

Hikers are always prepared to not take chances with their life, with the gears and equipment required in the journey. One of the most important tools needed in this journey is the walking stick or trekking poles. Now, many people are unaware of the use of a hiking stick, how it helps and gives you the will to keep moving forward. So, we have picked out all the best reasons for you to use a walking stick.

How to use a Walking Stick for Hiking?

Poles help to relieve stress on knee joints while climbing up the hill or going down the trail. It is a pushing force which cuts down on the usage of your energy. Use the stick to spread your weight by placing it on difficult turns or surfaces. Stick is basically your “extended hand”.

Ever replaced a metal or carbon fiber poles with a wooden stick for hiking? Adopt a biodegradable approach if you admire to spend your time in nature. The wooden sticks are very sturdy, won’t break, or slip in the woods. The choice of it won’t let you down with the raw feel it manifests.

To extricate the benefits of the stick, you must train yourself to learn how to grip these poles, while being in a walking motion. These poles are in high-demand for all age groups, but the best support is appreciated by the elders who still dare to dream and travel to make their life and themselves more interesting.

The first step is to definitely choose the right stick.

Wooden Walking Stick: Despite being easily available and cheap with almost half the rate of not-so-efficient metal poles. Hikers intend to form an emotional connect with their personalized hiking stick. After all, the shepherds in the ancient culture didn’t have any fancy instruments to rely upon.
Cons: These sticks are not for everybody; they are heavy in weight and cannot be folded according to your preferences. They will consume more energy even though extremely efficient on trails and river streams.

The length of the pole is also a key factor to check the efficiency of the equipment. The poles will help you to keep your body position more upright so that you can use your shoulders and forearms to propel yourself up to the trail. The length of the pole can be a constant hindrance if it does not compliment the height. Also, using a backpack is an ideal way to carry extra essentials during the hike.

Walking Stick

In the case of poles, do go for a strap to have a better grip so that the pole doesn’t slip off from your hand because of the sweat. Your hold on the pole should be relaxed during the Nordic walking technique. You can use two walking poles for fitness walking, which a few people follow, to lose weight. Try to keep your elbows close to your stomach as you walk with the poles.

If you have an adjustable pole, then while climbing up the hill, you may shorten some centimeters to reduce its length. Keep the poles close to your body, and not way too ahead of your reach. Every now and then, you will have to encourage yourself by pushing harder. During, those panic moments, make sure you don’t cross the poles and trip over. The whole point of this is to balance and be careful of the conscious steps you take.

Benefits of a Walking Stick for Hiking

  1. Increases speed.
  2. It gives you stability and burns calories.
  3. Improves posture, especially if you are carrying a load.
  4. Quick completion of the journey with less energy consumption.
  5. Helpful for crossing rivers streams, creeks.
  6. Reduces pressure on your back and legs.

Hikes not only bring physical transformation but more strongly a mental one. Feel safe with these sticks, yet completely refreshed after the hike. A curiously-smart wanderer can enjoy more than an ignorant one. So, why take risks when you can take pleasure of the mist.