trekking tips for beginners

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Trekking is an incredible way to explore nature and reflect on our lives as it is all about spending time with oneself, friends and family. It is also a great exercise, pumping your heart out and helps in staying fit and healthy. Trekking is all about exerting yourself and enjoying the moment with the canopy of nature hanging around. It takes you to a state of bliss for some time as you get detached from the fast-paced life.

You can gaze at the amazing scenery for a moment as you merge yourself with nature. If you haven’t tried trekking you should definitely plan a trip and you will feel that your body has found a new energy flowing. But if you are trekking for the first time you should carefully plan or train your body. Trekking requires a lot of exertion so your body gets easily fatigued but with a little planning and training, you will be able to do it. It’s of utmost importance to be well prepared and familiar with the essentials when it comes to packing and planning. So if you are a newbie make sure to follow a good guide for beginner backpackers in order to stay safe and have a pleasant journey.  You get to see a different view and perspective of the world as you look down from atop a mountain top or you are feeling the breeze in your face. Trekking is all about finding that solitude and be with nature. So, here are some amazing trekking tips for beginners.

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  1. Research is the key: You should do proper training and extensive research before you go for trekking. You will be on an unknown territory that you haven’t explored, so having a slight knowledge about the place gives you that extra edge as you go for trekking. You might face harsh weather, steep terrain, might come across insects and animal so you should do a thorough study of the place before you head out. Doing your research helps in planning your trip properly and ensures that you hike safely without any hurdles. You can find a lot of information about the place you are thinking to go for trekking online. You can also ask for tips from experienced trekkers.
  2. Eat healthily and go for exercise: You should eat healthily and do proper exercise to keep your body fit. A healthy body and mind are important if you are thinking of going for trekking. You should rep up your diet and be prepared. You can try going for a walk or jog a little bit to gain stamina. Eating a proper diet will help you nourish and make you lose weight. The lighter you are the more easily you will be able to climb. Staying fit is the key.
  3. Pack light: You should pack light so that you can travel with ease. One should pack smart. All the essentials should be given emphasis so that when you face trouble, things should come in handy. A duffle bag is an important accessory to carry as it will give you that extra space when you need. Torch, tent, Swiss knives, ropes, ribbon, etc are all essential trekking equipment. Jackets, food, and water should be stored in plenty to keep your body’s energy replenished.
  4. Itinerary: Coming up with an itinerary helps you reach your destination without any hassle. Having an itinerary is very important as it provides you a framework for your hike. You don’t want to be wandering around lost in a forest, so a well-planned trip is much safer and easier.
  5. Trekking shoes: Don’t be frugal while picking up your trekking shoes. Shoes are very important while trekking because your shoes should be compatible with any terrain you are walking. Wrong shoes are a big problem as painful feet can ruin a beautiful hike. You should never wear cotton socks rather you should opt for wool or synthetic socks. Pack some extra clothes and shoes just in case.
  6. Always notify someone before you go: You should always inform someone before you go as the person concerned should know your schedule and in case, you fail to show up, start calling for help. Phones and emergency devices such as spot tracker allow you to call for an emergency through the assistance of satellite.
  7. Go for pre hiking meetings and join hiking groups: Hiking solo is never advised, so it will be prudent to join other hiking groups unless you are an experienced hiker. Go for pre hiking meetings to learn about the experiences of other hikers and learn from them. You can also try and go for hiking with family members, friends, and colleagues.  
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