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If you’re packing your bags and heading to pastures new, you may be considering moving states and settling in the keystone state of Pennsylvania. So, what should you expect?


Pennsylvania is packed full of history and is a fascinating city. It was the first state to bring in the abolition of slavery law and the initiation of the United States as independent from the UK.

Ben Franklin, a prominent figure in American history and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, spent most of his life in Pennsylvania promoting change and improving the city and the lives of its residents.

Living costs/location

Pennsylvania enjoys one of the lowest living cost rates across the USA, making it an attractive financial move. Its proximity to New York means that it’s an excellent location for commuters to the Big Apple. Accessibility to New York means you still get the buzz of the big city for work or recreation without the high price tag. Rents and house prices are massively cheaper, giving you more money in your pocket for the fun things.

Sports and entertainment

Pennsylvania is home to a plethora of beautiful lakes, and water sport activities are plentiful. You’ll find many parks that offer boating, sailing, and kayaking, and for those that want to learn a new skill and get certified, you can visit for information on local boating courses. The course is short and flexible and offers training in safety with role play and team-building exercises.

Fishing in the lakes is a popular pastime, and with 86,000 miles of rivers, it’s perfect for a lazy day catching a variety of fish while enjoying the beautiful weather.

There is a wealth of attractions to visit and opportunities to soak up the culture for the less energetic. In addition, you can see the National Historical Park and read about the fantastic achievements that have contributed to the history of America.

Another famous attraction in Pennsylvania is CHOCOLATE! A great place for chocolate lovers young and old, the city is home to the Hershey bar. Families will love a trip to Hershey’s Chocolate World, a park where you can buy all things Hershey, as well as rides, rollercoasters, and water shows. And if that isn’t enough entertainment for the day next door, you can visit ZooAmerica, home to a variety of animals such as lions, eagles, and other North American natives enjoying protection in their natural habitat.


The weather in Pennsylvania is a constant surprise. Some days are sunny and hot, and others stormy and snowy. If you enjoy a touch of unpredictability, then you’ll love living here.

The work scene in Pennsylvania is vast, and with the closeness to New York, there is a wealth of opportunity. Many professionals are settling in the area, and there is a strong start-up community.

Many industries are thriving, and jobs are plentiful if you know where to look. Do lots of research and seek advice from the locals and employment won’t be too far away.

Pennsylvania has a good reputation for educational facilities such as top universities and hundreds of well-established schools, making it a great place to live for families and young people.

Pennsylvania has a lot going for it and should prove to be a very lucrative move.