Things To Carry For Trekking

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Trekking is probably the 21st-century’s most favorite holiday activity. It is being enjoyed by a huge population all over the globe. Whether its jungle trekking or trekking in the mountains, people love to spend moments in the lap of nature. The vacation is associated not only with natural beauty but also with personal development as the walking activity is a good way to promote personal health.

There are a number of things one should care about while planning a trekking holiday including what to carry on the journey. Here we will talk about the 10 must have things that a trekker should consider going with.

  • Trekking shoes/boots: A pair of trekking boots is quite important to carry on a journey in the mountains. Although many people prefer normal shoes to begin with, these boots are very critical on difficult trails. If you are planning the journey in the rainy season, make sure you carry hiking boots on a priority basis. The soles of normal shoes are made for plane surface and will not do well on the uneven terrain. Trekking requires soles that can grip the ground quite comfortably. These boots are waterproof, making them ideal in the rainy season. They also provide support and comfort to the ankles so that you enjoy the whole journey of yours.
  • Trekking trousers: In addition to the one you are wearing, do not forget to carry 2-3 pair of trousers in your backpack. Trekking is a journey of more than a few days and you need more clothes. The pants should be comfortable enough to support your trip. A trekker is advised to have sports trousers. Walking with these types of pants is quite easy and the fabric is also sweat-soaking.
  • Tent: Tents are good for finding shelter wherever you want. If you are not feeling well at a point and you decide to stay there for a few hours, tents work quite wonderfully. If your tent is waterproof, it’s a bonus. You can choose a canopy tent for wind and rain. Be careful while buying a tent and ask for a good quality because there may be a chance that it gets torn.

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  • Water bottle: Water bottle is of utmost significance in any kind of traveling journey. You are expected to be completely hydrated during a trekking tour. Water not only gives energy to the body but also regulates the body temperature in scarce climatic condition. You can keep a bottle that can purify water, for it is hard to get pure drinking water in a trekking journey.
  • Climbing Gear : If you are on a jungle trekking and planning a treetop adventure. Tree climbing gear is something you don’t want to miss. Climbing without gear and equipment might get you in trouble and may spoil your fun. If you are worried about carrying too much equipment while trekking. Then these three gears – tree climbing spikes, rigging rope, and arbor wear are more than enough for your safe and amazing climbing.
  • Sleeping bag: Sleeping bags become extremely important when you are trekking in the mountains. The mercury might fall below zero degree in these regions. You need to be highly prepared to fight the temperature fall. Carry a sleeping bag of good quality that should be light-weighted as well. Make sure it is enough to keep your body substantially warm in the harsh cold.
  • Waterproof jacket: In rainy days, waterproof jackets work quite astonishingly. These kinds of jackets are also fruitful in keeping the body safe from the chilly winds. It is advised to carry a good jacket to assist your journey. It is worthwhile to invest in a good jacket for your holiday program.
  • First aid kit: There should be no need to explain why one needs first aid kit in a multi-day program. The first aid box should contain all necessary medicines to cure basic injuries in the body. Pain killer tablets, antiseptic creams, paracetamol tablets, etc. are some of the kinds of medicines you should keep in the box.
  • Gloves: Hand gloves are essential while trekking in cold regions. When you are trekking in Nepal, Northern Himalayan regions of India, Bhutan, Europe, and Canada, gloves become immensely important. The chilling weather can harm your fingers to such a level that they feel lifeless. A pair of woolen gloves of the standard quality helps your hands remain guarded.
  • Sun protection: At high altitudes, sun rays falling directly on the body might harm the skin and eyes. This might affect the eyesight. This can also burn the skin. In order to escape such risks, use sun protection. Get a sun cream that is effective. Choose a sun cream that is made especially for outdoor activities. It would be better to have a UV protected eyeglass so that the eyes remain safe from the harmful rays of the sun.
  • Insect repellent: There are strong chances that you find many insects including mosquitoes in the woods and high in the mountains. These insects are harmful to your health and the body. Insect repellent clothes or creams are good in such circumstances. Make sure each and every part of the body is properly covered when you visit a forest area.