Tips on Finding a Great Ski & Snow Report App

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My friend and I go on an annual ski trip together every year. We enjoying hours of riding the lifts, enjoying the views, and trying new trails out on the way down. Last year, we were excited about our first day, and unfortunately, a snowstorm hit. So instead of skiing down a piste, we were sitting around the cabin waiting for the storm to pass. We vowed we would be more prepared the next year. A couple of months later, my friend sent me this link to some great apps that would’ve helped us through that less than exciting holiday, and we have been using one or more ever since. So, check out the link to the top 10 ski & snow report apps, but do keep reading to learn the tips I found in my search. 

Best Apps for Skiing Prep

Find the Best Places For the Season

If you love the thrill of snowboarding or skiing, you love the powdery snow, gliding on it through trails, then you’ll want to know the best places to go for the season. So, whether it’s just you and a friend, or group of friends, you want to know which slopes to hit. You can choose from Colorado to Vermont, it just depends on which area looks the best to hit the slopes. 

The great news is, you can download a ski and snow report app that will help you do just that. No matter if you’re looking to snowboard, go tubing, or just enjoy a winter getaway, these apps can help you find the best place to go. You can find a lot of great tips from these apps. 

So, even if you prefer hitting the slopes, but some of your friends are perfectly fine with hanging in the cabin, you’ll be able to find the perfect spot for everyone to enjoy.

Unfortunate Flight Delays

Traveling during the wintertime is a gamble for sure. You never know if you’ll get snowed in at the airport for hours or you get to the ski resort and instead of powdery snow, its fields of grass, and too warm for snow to stick. This is exactly where snow report apps come in very handy. 

It’s a double-edged sword, traveling for a ski vacation. Of course, you want there to be snow, but you also don’t want to face a snowstorm that leaves your plane grounded due to ice and dangerous flying weather. 

Therefore, if you are planning to fly for your ski vacation, or you have someone coming to visit you for one, keeping a close eye on the weather report via apps is a smart idea. Weather can make or break your soon-to-be holiday so apps can help you prepare for an unexpected change in plans. Another good app to consider downloading is a flight tracking app, that way you are in the know of both the weather and flight conditions.

Prepare With Supplies

When the threat of a snowstorm hits, you can only imagine how crazy people go with stocking up beforehand. People running around getting food supplies to ensure they can hunker down for the length of the potential storm. But often, people forget there is more than food needed to get through storms of this nature. Therefore, having a good checklist is crucial, especially if there is a possibility of a power outage.

For instance, you might need candles or batteries for flashlights. It’s also a good idea to have power packs to be able to power things without electricity. These are crucial in case you need to be able to call for help, or if someone calls you to check if you’re OK. 

Not only should you be prepared at home for a snowstorm or blizzard, but you should also outfit your car with necessary supplies in case of the unfortunate event of being stuck in your car on the road when the storm hits. For example, you want to have extra blankets or cloths, and a shovel to be able to dig your way out if needed. Another resourceful item to have in your car is sand or kitty litter for tire traction, as well as medical supplies and emergency kits with flares. If you are prepared at both house and vehicle, then when an app notifies you about the approaching storm, you are ready no matter where you area. 

In Conclusion 

If you are ready to enjoy a ski vacation away or close to home, apps can help you prepare and stay up to date about any storm possibilities. Furthermore, apps can help you know if your flight is delayed, canceled, or right on time. Ski and snow report apps can help you decide where to spend your ski holiday, and where is the best place for you and your friends to all enjoy your winter holiday.