Monarch Butterflies

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Danaus plexippus, or commonly known as monarch butterflies, is one of the most well-studied and recognizable butterflies on Earth. They have orange wings that are surrounded by black dots and are tied with black lines. Millions of them migrate from Canada and the United States to Mexico and California for the winter during their seasonal migration.

Many people believe that it may be a sign from your guardian angel when you see a monarch butterfly. No wonder some superstitious people admire it. But, do you ever wonder which places can we best find these fantastic creatures? Here is a shortlist we have prepared to serve as a guide on where to visit to get a good view of these butterflies.

Top 7 Best Places To Visit For Monarch Butterflies Lovers

Point Pelee National Park In Ontario, Canada

Although most ecotourism endeavors focus on visiting monarch butterflies in Mexico as their wintering site, they can also be seen in large numbers in Quebec and Ontario, where they breed and feed on milkweeds.

If you wish to experience and witness the monarchs’ beauty, you may head to Point Pelee National Park in Ontario. This is one of the best places where they are reproduced from spring to fall. One of the surprising monarch butterfly facts you should know is that they mostly live two to six weeks long, so you may plan your trip well on this place to make sure you still get to catch them.

Natural Bridges State Beach Located In Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz serves as the states’ only monarch preserve. Its grove at Natural Bridges State Beach in Santa Cruz, California, allows you to see a hundred thousand monarch butterflies who visit there every winter months.

Like most popular destinations for butterfly spotting in California, it is best to visit beginning in mid-October up to mid-February. It is also highly encouraged for the citizens of Santa Cruz to add plants that could help butterflies in their garden and not to use pesticides as they are also one of the factors why the monarch’s population is declining.

Los Sauces In Mexico

The Piedra Herrada in Los Sauces, Mexico, may not be as large as the Monarch Biosphere Reserve. But, it still charms millions of monarch butterflies every winter month. This place is worth visiting, especially for those who’d rather be in a more rural and not overly commercialized area for butterfly spotting.

This magnificent place will make you feel like you are on an adventure rather than in a tourist spot. Their visitors can also ride horseback at the top and make their way through the broad vegetation, making them enjoy the monarch butterflies’ haven.

Michoacán In Mexico

California may be the best US state for a butterfly spotting visit during winter, but nothing matches Mexico when it comes to numbers. The Monarch Biosphere Reserve is located in Michoacán, Mexico, which is sixty miles northwest of the Capitol of the City.

Millions of monarchs come and visit this around one hundred thirty-nine acre area, even sometimes millions during the winter season. There are about fourteen monarch colonies on this site, but few are safeguarded by Unesco and can’t be visited and seen up close by the public. January to February will be the perfect time to visit this site.

Pacific Grove In California

Monarch Butterflies from the Western United States no longer solely relocate to Mexico during Winter as some are taking shelter in California. Some studies show a generation of butterflies migrating to and from the Monarch Grove Sanctuary every year. The perfect time to visit for viewing at this place is still mid-October up to mid-February.

They say that the butterflies can be seen flying at any time of the day, but you may want to come around at three in the afternoon when the sunlight strikes good in the trees for a more lovely view. 

Pismo Beach In California

The Pismo Beach Monarch Butterfly Grove is considered to be one of the most famous for monarchs. Because of this place’s coastal climate and quite a number of Eucalyptus trees, the butterflies can’t help but get drawn to this as their prime location.

Like other places for butterfly spotting in California, it is best to visit this place between October to February. It is noted that twenty-five thousand butterflies visit this location every year. Therefore, it is no longer surprising to see clumps of black and orange butterflies hanging from their tree leaves.

Goleta In California

The Goleta Monarch Butterfly Grove is also one of the most popular areas for seeing butterflies throughout the Winter months. A couple of years ago, more than forty-five thousand butterflies were tallied while spending the Winter there.

The population is starting to decrease at this site. However, around four thousand-five hundred monarchs can even now observe at this Grove directly outside of Santa Barbara. Tours are available during weekends, and the entry is definitely free.

Visit these places on your next vacation!

There are many more well-known countries and places where you can visit if you are in the mood for butterfly spotting. It will always depend on your location. But, if you are located near those areas mentioned above, why not pay a visit there and witness the beauty of the place and the view itself.