tibet Trekking

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Tibet is the “roof of the world”, an autonomous region of China and historic land. It has a unique identity marked by Tibetan Buddhism and the Tibetan language. Tibet is home of fabulous monasteries, stupendous eye-struck landscapes, exciting culture, with some of the world’s highest peaks and mountains. One of the main highlights of Tibet is the spiritual nature of the country, come across chanting monks, remote Meditation retreats, pilgrimages, which set a peaceful environment for the trekkers to revive their soul and enjoy the introspective experience on every step.

The photogenic higher plains build the ambiance for the local and hardcore devotees who visit every year to absorb a better picture of the holy Mount Kailash. Tibetans have strong religious faith for this location since the medieval age. Trekking in Tibet is one of the most loved attractions when it comes to adventure and exploring the other side of the world.

Every side of Tibet is illuminating with the shot of beauty splurging out from mostly all angles. From the glittering turquoise lakes to watching prayer flags everywhere, the trekking experience in Tibet becomes a beautiful getaway! Now, let’s explore the 10 top trekking agencies in Tibet.

Top 10 Companies in Tibet for Trekking

Tibet Tour Trek

Tibet Tour Trek offers excellent packages of Kailash and Tibet Tours which are accompanied by their experienced local guides. The travel adventures in the perfect trekking land include cultural tours, family holidays, Tibet treks, Lhasa sightseeing, Mount Kailash tours. Optimal service is provided to the trekkers, even when it comes to accommodation.

Tibet Ctrip

This Tibetan Tourism operator is in Lhasa and rated 5 stars by TripAdvisor which provides the most thrilling trekking experiences on best or affordable prices. Tibet Ctrip runs uniquely and even customizes trips according to the demands of the trekkers. Merge into the tranquil Tibetan nomadic life and get ready to have an unforgettable journey with TibetCtrip.

Explore Tibet

Explore Tibet is recommended by Lonely Planet Guidebook as the best travel agency in Tibet. Explore Tibet International Co. Ltd. is based out in Lhasa and is a legal entity that is registered as a Tibet Travel Company. It is one of the top local travel agencies in Tibet which specializes in the bespoken tailor-made tours across the plateau. Their Tibetan tour guides speak Chinese, English, and Tibetan languages who are also well-versed with the history and culture of Tibet.

Tibet Highland Tours

It is the first travel agency in Tibet that is entirely dedicated to women. This tourism agency was opened to enhance the experiences of tourists from all around the world. This company is connected with all the major government departments of Tibet, they provide English speaking guides, and have many tourism service providers. Tibet Highland Tours host day tours, private tours, trekking, and group tours.

Tibet Travel Adventure

Tibet Nyangchu Adventure Co. Ltd. is an internationally licensed, government registered company which was established in the year 2009. The office is located in Lhasa and has been engaged in the industry for more than 9 years. The guides speak many languages proficiently, and the drivers have more than 10 years of experience in driving. They organize motorbike and trekking trips by using strong equipment and resilient tents.

Adventures in Tibet

This efficient local tour company dedicates its approach towards offering fun, affordable and safe Tibet tours. They offer services like private and group tours, camping with nomads and homestays, cultural tours, festival tours, Buddhist religious tours, hiking, motorbiking, customized tours for the physically challenged people, and much more. Adventures in Tibet Travel and Tour Company is a team of passionate and experienced Tibetans who believe in making your holidays worth the time!

Tibet Travel

It is one of the best known Tibet travel agencies since 1984. As a tour operator, they receive above 8000 travelers every year and have built one of the first offices beyond Lhasa in Kathamandu and Chengdu. They also provide a maximum facility in case the tourists want to extend their tours to Nepal or other cities in China. Tibet Travel Company takes pride in fulfilling the bucket lists of the people while also improving their services, revamping itineraries, and updating hotel booking in favor of the clients.

World Expeditions

World expeditions have about 40 years of experience in operating holidays. They design wonderful itineraries which serves the authentic purpose of the trek. The innovative adventures of ultimate value with the expert guides are the qualities a trekker demands and they deliver it all in their packages. For a real exploration and cultural exchange, they are a perfect match for you!

Tibet Shambhala Adventures

Tibet Shambhala Adventures Co. Ltd. is a Tibetan owned adventure company focused on traveling in Lhasa. All the staffs including the guides, porters and drivers are all Tibetans with an enthusiastic nature with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the religion, culture, environment, geographical boundaries, the favorite trekking points, and much more. This travel company was founded in 2000 and is an internationally licensed travel company which is registered under the Tibet Tourism Bureau and China National Tourism Bureau.

Tibet Discovery

Tashi Delek! Explore all the mysteries of Tibet with Tibet Discovery local tour operator which is also based out in Lhasa- the capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region. They provide in-budget tours, customized packages, private and group tours, trekking tours, with other facilities for tourists like hotel booking, ticket booking, car rental, transport services, etc. Their mission is to offer unforgettable tours that are highly relaxing, therapeutic and educational at the same time.