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Recently, after nearly four-to-five months of the lockdown, the government has resumed air travel with some guidelines for the passengers.

They can carry only single cabin baggage along with a small handbag, while businessmen need to carry a laptop bag for air travel irrespective of conditions. Also, no food items will be served to the passengers during the journey.

Travelling has been the most treasured act of life for all the mortals. But circumstances in the last few months have left common mass confined in their home. The COVID19 pandemic has brought the entire world to its knees, and there has been a lockdown like never before for the past few months.

Well, almost all the industries are feeling the blow after this, but the tourism industry has been the worst hit due to the same.

 It is estimated that in the current fiscal year tourism will be down by 60-80% It is estimated that in the current fiscal year tourism will be down by 60-80. Now, the question is how should you prepare for traveling in the new normal?

How should the passengers prepare for traveling during this pandemic?

The very first thing any passenger should do before getting the tickets done is to check the official websites of the ministry of health, foreign affairs, and local health authorities.

You must have complete information about specific restrictions regarding quarantining. Also, you need to keep an eye on the testing requirements in their local areas and their destinations.

Well, the passengers should also check for the accommodation and the food services before booking. Catering service might have halted due to known conditions.

Things to look for while thinking to spend the night somewhere out:

The government has given a complete list of preventive measures that need to be followed to stay safe from this infectious virus. and if you have finally decided to spend the night at some hotel or other accommodation, the passengers should expect the accommodation service staff to follow the below-mentioned preventive measures:

  • The guest should make sure that they choose a hotel where the staff members are wearing masks.
  • The hotel staff is maintaining the required social distance and sanitizing their hands frequently.
  • Is the accommodation or the hotel staff disinfecting the often touched things regularly or not?

Some important things to be taken care of while traveling during this pandemic:

There is no doubt that almost everyone wants to get back to the business, office, or their usual holidays. Well, safety should be the topmost concern of travelers, whether it is international or maybe domestic travel.

So, keeping everything in mind, the below-mentioned list is prepared of the things to be kept in mind while traveling in the time of this contagious virus:

Keep all the risk factors in mind: The travelers should plan everything systematically and should look if any local restrictions are there.

You should care enough to not only keep yourself safe but also the ones’ who are traveling with you. The travelers should go for specific tests needed in case some senior citizen is going to travel along with them.

Moreover, the most important concern should be the count of coronavirus cases at your destination. The passengers should first look for this whether the total count of cases is going up, or down or is at a stable level before deciding to embark on the trip.

Every area has its own rules and regulations to be followed by the travelers and the residents too. Well, talking about air travel, then a few countries are still having travel bans, and the passengers are required to keep themselves self-quarantined for around two weeks or 14 days before and after the travel.

So, before getting the tickets booked, one should look for the local guidelines of the decided destination or the places coming in-between the journey.

  • Safety of the transport modes used: Regardless of the time of the journey and the destination, it becomes imperative to consider the safety of the type of transportation used for traveling. Let’s take the example of a road trip, the more stops you will have, the more are the chances of you getting infected.

And talking about air travel, it will be beneficial if the passengers prefer the business class seats because the business class seats are already placed distantly and are often less crowded.

Ending thoughts

It has been a while since the entire world had been on a long vacation and have had a carefree time since the COVID19 jolted the world.

There have been significant changes in the situation as the world has started unlocking, and people have started getting back to their everyday lives.

Our advice for travelers is to carry important things with them: like a multipurpose single laptop bag for air travel or a handbag in addition to one cabin bag. This ensures faster check-in & checkout leading to smooth travel.