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After pushing through some tiring weeks of work, finally got some time to relax, then you should spend this time vacationing somewhere beautiful. And what can be more beautiful than exploring the ancient and beautiful landscapes of Ireland?

Ireland is the gateway from your tedious and tiring life, as it is equipped with some green hills, historic buildings, beautiful gardens, and bustling streets. But visiting Ireland does not mean just walking around Dublin or hitting some pubs. There are way more areas to visit in Ireland than you think. And a good road trip in Ireland is the way to go.

Places To Look Around When Travelling to Ireland

If you are renting a car, then it’s a good option, but if you are thinking of taking a Rooftop tent with you, then voila, you are in it for some great road trip experience.

Following are some areas that you can road trip around Ireland by car:

Exploring Dublin Is the Best Way to Start the Trip.

No Ireland trip is complete without hitting the roads of Dublin. We mentioned that there is a lot more Ireland to visit than just Dublin. But you can not miss some of the significant sites that Dublin has to offer. You can start with renting a car from the Dublin airport. After that, you are free to explore the whole of Dublin. But do pay a visit to the Dublin castle situated in the heart of Ireland as this historic building can give you some medieval vibes. Aside from that, walking through the St. Stephen Green can give you some refreshing vibes as spending time in some greenery is relaxing.

Sightseeing In Cork

After having a good time in Dublin, time to make your way to the bustling city of Ireland named Cork. Located on the southern coast of Ireland, this cosmopolitan city is full of some lively nights and affordable eateries. There are lots of things to do in Cork. The prominent tourist spot of this city is the Blarney Stone. It is said that kissing this stone is good luck and people mostly visit Cork for this stone. Moreover, the Gougane Barra and the landscapes of the Mizen Head are some of the best places for hiking. Lastly, home to the different species of whales, you can expect to see different kinds of whales at the coastal areas.

Drive Through the Ring of Kerry

Road trip through Ireland and not visiting the Ring of Kerry surely not happening. The Ring of Kerry is another famous spot filled with numerous cliffs and narrow roads that make it quite an adventurous spot. Be careful when driving because the roads to the Ring of Kerry are pretty narrow and thin. You may find large tourist buses passing through you quite quickly, so it is better to drive safely.

The prominent cliffs that you can sightsee are the Kerry cliffs. These cliffs are the miniature version of the Moher cliffs, so if you haven’t visited them, you can get a view of them here. Aside from that, you can also get to view Skellig Island where the Star Wars was filmed. Quite remarkable, it is right. If you want to stop for relaxation, then Valentina Island is the best spot. Located just 2 km away from the Ring of Kerry, this island is home to some beautiful lighthouses. Best stop for some ice cream.

Take A Look Around the Historic Castles of Ireland.

Visiting Ireland and not diving into some history is not possible. Ireland is quite known for its old buildings and ruins. It is said that this country is home to around 30,000 castles and its ruins and not visiting them is not a good thing.

Here, you can find the Dunluce Castle ruins to the beautifully preserved remnants of the Cahir Castle. Having a banquet at Bunratty Castle can give you a view of medieval times. And if you want a bit more experience, staining in the beautiful suites of the Ashford Castle of County Mayo is the way to go. If you want to visit all the historical beauties, get a heritage card.

Rooftop Tent Takes Your Experience to Another Level

Now talking about the main part of this road trip, “How the Rooftop tent levels up your experience of the road trip”. Rooftop tents are a worthy option to consider when going for a road trip.

 As these are not only cheap but also help you save some money. Rooftop tents can make your road trip to Ireland quite convenient. If you feel a little bit tired or want to take a nap, just hike to your car roof, and there you go.

Moreover, you can even spend your whole trip camping in these Rooftop tents and would not need to pay even a dime for hotels and resorts. One thing that you might need to take care of is some campsites do charge for rooftop tents.

Aside from that, while camping in a Rooftop tent, you will for once not be worried about animals raiding your camp as it will be high from the ground. So it means you can have a good night’s sleep. Rooftop tents are a good option for the camper van as it is a cheaper option, and you get to enjoy the van life with this.

How Can a Rooftop Tent Make Your Trip Enjoyable?

Following are some of the benefits of how your Rooftop tent can make your trip enjoyable:

  • Your car is not only just a moving vehicle, but a bedroom on the wheel means you can find yourself waking up to a new location each day.
  • Rooftop tents have quite comfortable mattresses which means you get some peaceful hours of sleep.
  • As the Rooftop tent is situated off the ground, you will still stay warm even if the night temperature drops.
  • Being high from the ground also means that you do not need to worry about the pest or bugs residing in your camp.
  • Setting these up is relatively easy, and they are easily foldable, which means if you want, you can fold them in the day and set them up at night.

Wrap Up

Vacationing in Ireland and camping in a Rooftop tent is a good decision if you are considering a gateway from dull office life. So go ahead, book a flight, rent a car and start your road trip to the beautiful locations of Ireland.