Trekking Companies in Japan

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Japan is a small warrior country in South East Asia, which has been able to build a remarkable impression all over the world, in terms of economic growth, technological advancements, cultural and traditional reverence, cartoons, fashion, ideals, principles and its majorly hi-tech cities.

After the iconic bombing that shattered this small country, it’s people worked twice as hard and traced their way onto one of the most progressive countries in the world along with being an emerging superpower.

Japan is the country from which the world has gotten the enchanting Sakura or the cherry-blossom trees. The best part about Japan is that as much as it has advanced in the modern and technological world, it has still maintained and kept in close regards, its beautiful history, cultures, traditions alive and thriving.

Trekking in Japan will truly be an enchanting experience to someone who has never been to this beautiful country.

Here is a list of the 20 best tour operators that handle the top trekking companies in Japan:


Hanatour has been in the travel industry, working its way slowly yet steadily to the top with an experience of the past 23 years. With its special feature, like fully escorted tour packages being delivered at wholesale rates, Hanatour has been a leading travel agency handling tours all over South East Asia with over 6000 travel agencies from all over these countries working together under their roof.


Ebisuya is a local tour operating company in Japan that has worked in the field of travel for more than 27 years. A local rickshaw ride will take you to all the secret hidden destinations all over Japan that one must most definitely visit. The company has known the in and about Japan as no other company can. It has a closely knit group of several local guides who will take an extra step to make your trip more authentic and extremely enjoyable.

Japan Deluxe Tours

This is another local company that has global reach after having worked in the travel industry for 36 years and running. They claim to customize and intricately fine tune and detail tour packages according to the preferences of the client. They even provide really good quality facilities of accommodation and food along with sightseeing at really affordable prices.

Wayfairer Travel

They claim to be the best priced luxury tour operators who provide a luxury trip for you at prices that are unmatched in the industry. Wayfairer Travel is a tour operator that has been in the travel game for 7 years and running. The classy associations that the tour operator has with great hotels and other industries, has made Wayfairer a great alternative of choice when it comes to luxury travels all across the globe.

Trafalgar Travel

Now this is the black horse of the travel industry. Trafalgar Travel has been and working in the travel industry for more than 72 years now. And as experience is an unmatched aspect of any game, Trafalgar seems to be the black horse in serving quality tours to its clients since the past 72 years. The company claims the best insider travel experience to its clients.

Intrepid Travel

This is another company that has been in the game for quite some time now. With about 30 years of experience in providing the best quality service to its customers, Intrepid Travels is a brain-child of two travel-obsessed individuals who created a larger platform for serving other travel stories around the globe. They claim to do deep research in their area of expertise in a certain country and then chart out an unseen and unheard trip for their clients.

Peregrine Adventures

This tour and travel company is 42 years of experience in the travel industry. The company claims to concoct a trip for its clients that will make them feel satisfied, intimately memorable and authentic about their journey by the end of it. The company claims to operate tours ad travels across 80 different countries all over the globe.

Tucan Travel

This is a travel company working in this field for almost 32 years now. The company claims to offer really fun, adventurous and exciting itineraries while keeping in mind responsible for travelling standards of the industry. They claim to be eco-friendly and conscious about their overall carbon emissions and the management of energy efficiently. It seems like a pretty responsible operator for me! I would most definitely book trips from a company that is environmentally conscious and responsible for their actions any day!


This is a travel company with 57 years of experience in the travel industry while ensuring almost #noregrets in their travels, is what Contiki is made of. The company that moves with the motto of no regrets travels believes in creating memorable and magical moments during their trips to make the trip and unforgettable journey for its clients. They work on creating “real” travel experiences with the help of their top team orchestrating these packages all along.

Exodus Travels

The company has been in the travel game for 47 years and running. Exodus travels have curated many trips and travel within the 171 countries that they operate in and helped clients have an adventurous and fun-filled experience of travelling in the world. They claim to have an expert team filled with archaeologists, wildlife guides, overland drivers, mountain leaders, diving and ski specialists and mountain bike gurus who see to it that all their trips are responsible travel certified.

World Expeditions

This is another company that has been in the field of travel for the past 44 years. They are an eco-friendly travel group that believes in leaving the minimum carbon footprint while taking away the biggest adventures of one’s life. World expeditions design their itineraries to travel the paths less travelled and involves a lot of off-road action.


This company has been in the travel scenes for about 46 years now. And along with responsible and experienced knowledge of a good trip design, they create a party like atmosphere on all their trips. They mostly serve clients of the age-bracket 18-30 so as to provide the most astonishing parties and celebrations for their indulgence.


This is a best-in-class travel operator that has been working in the industry for about 38 years now. They claim to be explorers and agents of award-winning travel experience and travel stories and creators of unique travel experiences. They claim to create these experiences through seeing and offering the world to its clients in the most local perspective. This, they believe helps the clients understand the heartbeat of the city and the place that they travel to.

G Adventures

G adventures have been in the travel field for 29 years and running. They have the most adventurous and unique itineraries for adventure lovers and other clients and their preferences. They serve to more than 15000+ travelers each year and reach spread across 23 different countries all over the world. They also claim to provide adventurous yet responsible travels in these 23 countries.

On the Go Tours

Having worked in the travel industry for about 21 years now, on the go tours is known to provide sustainable, award-winning and responsible tours to many countries and exotic destinations around the world.


With such an attractive name for a travel company, Costsaver has been in the travel scenes for the past 19 years. They have won awards for their unique tours, such as the 5 star awards for highest customer satisfaction awarded to them by FEEFO. They produce tailor-made trips and holidays for their clients and their satisfaction.


The travel company has 24years of experience at being a premier operator in the travel field. They curate extraordinary travel stories which involve a lot of off-road travelling in order to explore a little bit more about the place of travel. They operate in 30+ countries all over the world and are slowly emerging as the pioneering companies in this industry.

Luxury Gold

As the name suggests, the travel company mainly curates and operates luxury holidays and tours. The company claims to provide a one of a kind VIP luxury experience with special treatment to its valued clients who like to travel in a stylish fashion. They also claim that in many places of the world and in many historical and ancient places, where the spaces may not be open to the general public, luxury gold provides VIP access passes to these spaces, especially for its clients.


This travel operator started in the year 2005 making it almost 14 years of its excellent work in the travel industry. Bamba has started young but has already curated many award-winning travel experiences to many people in the world. They are very flexible with their services along with being independent and a tour operator that gives a great value for money to its clients.

Urban Adventures

This company is operating unique travel experiences for about 12 years now and is well on its way to make a mark on the travel industry. They claim to be serving about 70000+ clients annually and the knowledge and dedication of more than 800 local guides in many countries around the world.